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tv Showtime

10 TV Shows That Should Have Quit While They Were Ahead

TV that stuck it out well beyond their shelf life. Always check the ‘best before’ date, kids.

9 Feb 2016 Ben Cooke

music SNL

10 Reasons Coldplay Should Be More Respected Than They Are

How can the world's biggest band also be the most hated?!

Updated 9 Feb 2016 Mark White

film Columbia Pictures

10 Foolproof Movie Methods For Murdering Your Spouse

How movie husbands and wives conspire to get away with murder, in ten easy lessons.

9 Feb 2016 Ben Cooke

tv AMC/ABC/Pixar

The Walking Dead: 10 Insane Fan Theories You Won't Believe

Is it all just a board game? Or aliens?

Updated 9 Feb 2016 Michael Potts

technology Microsoft

8 Best Apple Watch Alternatives For iPhone Owners

Wrist-based phone buddies – without the fruity limitations.

9 Feb 2016 Chris Rowlands

music The Smiths Group

The Smiths: 20 Best Songs

The Smiths weren't ahead of their time, they were timeless.

Updated 9 Feb 2016 Ed Nash


10 World Famous Landmarks That Were Almost Destroyed

Before burning down the White House, the British enjoyed some dinner

Updated 9 Feb 2016 Chris Waugh

film Universal

10 Actors Who Were Cut Out Of Movies For Ridiculous Reasons

Find out why Ang Lee made Tobey Maguire sad.

9 Feb 2016 Padraig Cotter

comics DC Comics

15 Greatest DC Comic Book Villains Of All Time

They're all DC Comics icons, but which of them is truly the most evil?

9 Feb 2016 Josh Wilding


10 Wrestlers Who Were Forced To Retire Young

The Gods of wrestling injuries can be cruel.

9 Feb 2016 Scott Fried

film LucasFilm

9 Movies That Were Improved By Having No Money

Sometimes less is more.

9 Feb 2016 Jacob Trowbridge

film 20th Century Fox

Deadpool Review - The Superhero Genre Is In Trouble

It's entertaining, but the R-rated experiment still sticks to the formula.

9 Feb 2016 Alex Leadbeater

books Pan Books

10 Classic Sci-Fi Novels To Read Before You Die

Not even the sky's the limit.

8 Feb 2016 Richard John Dorricott

film Fox

13 Awesome Moments From The Super Bowl 50 Trailers

Psylocke is sexy-scary...

8 Feb 2016 Jack Pooley

technology Delete Facebook Image

10 Reasons You Should Delete Your Facebook Account

It's time to end this madness.

Updated 8 Feb 2016 Ben Cooke

film Fox Searchlight Pictures

12 British Horror Films You Need To See

Terror to delight fans of the macabre.

8 Feb 2016 Ian Watson

comics DC Comics

10 Massively Underrated Batman Villains

They may not be The Joker but they shouldn't be discarded...

Updated 8 Feb 2016 Chris Quicksilver

history Buena Vista Pictures Distribution/Warner Bros. Pictures

10 World-Changing Inventions That Were Total Rip-Offs

Wait, so Steve Jobs actually wasn't a genius...? Blasphemy!

Updated 8 Feb 2016 Tom Baker

offbeat Fox

10 Most Infamous Supernatural Hoaxes

Nessie can still be real, if you just believe hard enough...

Updated 8 Feb 2016 Tom Baker


Daniel Bryan Announces Retirement From Wrestling

The news we hoped would never come - D-Bry is done.

8 Feb 2016 Kenny McIntosh