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Ansel Egort In Talks For Dungeons And Dragons Movie

Can Warner Bros. release the franchise from cinematic imprisonment?
By Luke Smith

Disney Have 100% Confirmed Wreck-It Ralph 2

They're going to the internet.
By Alex Leadbeater

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Finale: 8 Things You Might've Missed In 'The Winds Of Winter'

The wars to come.
By James Hunt

Why You Shouldn't Hate On The Ghostbusters Remake

You may not wanna call them, but give it a chance.
By Alex Leadbeater

Captain America: Civil War Blu-Ray Will Include Exclusive Doctor Strange Sneak Peak

The Doctor will see you now...
By Simon Gallagher

Arrow: 10 Characters Who Should Join Season 5

Here's hoping some of these names join the world of the Emerald Archer next season.
By Andrew Pollard

5 Most Inspirational Sports Stars Of All Time

Meet The Brothers In Arms with 2020 Olympic Hope - #DoYourOwnThing
By iD

10 Syfy Original Horror Movies That Actually Aren't Awful

There's more to Syfy than perplexing animal hybrids, you know.
By Phil Archbold

20 Most Hated Characters In TV History

Justified or not, deliberate or not: the most loathed and disliked characters in all of…
By Ben Cooke

8 Ways We're Getting Ready To Go To Mars

How prepared are we to face the red planet?
By Stevie Shephard

Japan Just Showed Fall Out Boy How To Do A Real Ghostbusters Theme

Why mess with something so beautiful?
By Simon Gallagher

8 Things You Didn't Know About Mads Mikkelsen

Time to get Mads about Mikkelsen.
By Brian Wilson

Han Solo Is "By Far The Best Ever Star Wars Script"

Pretty big claim there...
By Simon Gallagher

Directors Confirmed For Game Of Thrones Season 7

Taylor in, Sapochnik out.
By James Hunt

Vinnie Jones Will Reunite With Matthew Vaughn For Kingsman: The Golden Circle

The Lock Stock pair are back together.
By James Hunt

Spider-Man: Homecoming Won't All Be Set In New York City

Will Web-Head visit our Nation's Capitol?
By Simon Gallagher

BoJack Horseman Might Win An Oscar In Full Trailer For Season 3

Now Leo's got one, it's about time a horse did too.
By James Hunt

Praise The Lord! AMC Renews Preacher For Season 2

The salvation shall continue.
By James Hunt

10 Heroic Movie Characters Who Actually Didn't Affect The Plot

Nothing would have ended differently if they sat the movies out.
By Simon Gallagher

Raiders Of The Lost Ark Cast: Where Are They Now?

35 years after Indiana Jones' first outing, what are they up to now?
By Geoff Cox

7 Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Kanye West Isn't Real

Is Kanye West a hoax? We examine the evidence.
By Stevie Shephard

13 Live Observations From The LEGO Factory & Museum Tour

Inside the empire built brick by tiny brick.
By Simon Gallagher

Mr Robot Season 2: 10 Things You Need To Know

Prepare to fsociety once more.
By James Hunt

Marvel Will Bring Netflix's Luke Cage To Comic-Con 2016

Sweet Christmas (in July)!
By Luke Smith

Batman V Superman - Ultimate Edition: 11 Ways It Improves The Original

Zack Snyder just redeemed himself.
By Jack Pooley

Star Wars: 8 Stupid Changes In The Phantom Menace Special Edition

No George, Episode I didn't need more CGI additions.
By Alex Leadbeater

Tyrese Gibson Confirms Transformers 5 Return

Mambo number five.
By Luke Smith

Rob McElhenney's Minecraft Gets Confirmed Release Date

Remember, the freaks come out at night.
By Luke Smith

Game Of Thrones: Who Is Jon Snow's Real Father?

All possibilities discussed.
By Alex Leadbeater

8 Movie Franchises That Should Have Quit While They Were Ahead

"Oh, there's another five films in this" - Hollywood
By Alex Leadbeater