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film 20th Century Fox

10 Best Film Sequels By Different Directors

Different director, same vision.

5 Jul 2015 Taylor Burns

film TriStar Pictures

Terminator Genisys: 15 Awesome Moments That Have Been Wiped Out

Say goodbye to pretty much everything you know and love about this franchise...

5 Jul 2015 Jack Pooley

tv DC

Preacher: 8 Extreme Moments That Won't Happen On TV

"It's buggerin' time!"

5 Jul 2015 Mark Cassidy

tv HBO

10 Ways True Detective Season 2 Ties Into The First

Time is a flat circle, after all.

5 Jul 2015 Tom Baker

wwe tumblr

8 Terrible Excuses Adults Use To Justify Watching Wrestling

Just stop it, you guys. Nobody's buying it.

5 Jul 2015 Adam Blampied

tv NBC

20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Hannibal

Get your teeth into these succulent slabs of, trivia.

5 Jul 2015 Tom Baker

film Warner Bros

10 Things You Need To Know About George Miller's Justice League

Maybe Zack Snyder's the right man for the job after all...

5 Jul 2015 Tom Baker

gaming Rare Ltd

15 Criminally Underrated PS4 & Xbox One Games You Must Play

How to fill the Arkham Knight shaped hole in your life.

5 Jul 2015 Josh Brown

film FilmNation Entertainment/Miramax/Roadside Attractions

10 Great Films From 2015 You'll Probably Never Watch Again

Great movie. No incentive to go back.

4 Jul 2015 Sam Hill

tv HBO

10 Compelling True Detective Season 2 Fan Theories

Believe it or not, people have a lot of ideas about Raven head.

4 Jul 2015 Tom Baker

gaming Rocksteady

Batman: Arkham Knight – 9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do

From hidden gadgets to secret takedowns, combat modifiers and more.

4 Jul 2015 Scott Tailford

film LucasFilm

Star Wars: 10 Greatest Disturbances In The Force

There's conflict across the cosmos. Have you felt it?

4 Jul 2015 Aaron Stinar

history Pixabay

10 Infamously Chilling Deaths And Disappearences

The bizarre cases of those gone but not forgotten...

Updated 4 Jul 2015 Robert Beck

tv HBO

Ranking All 50 Game Of Thrones Episodes From Worst To Best

Rankings are coming!

4 Jul 2015 Justin Seagull

film Gramercy Pictures

25 Cult Movies You Must See Before You Die

What separates the hidden gems and the duds best kept buried?

4 Jul 2015 Tom Baker

gaming 2K Games

WWE 2K16 Roster: Predicting All 120 Superstars In The Game

Main roster, NXT, Divas, Stone Cold Mode & WWE Legends...

Updated 4 Jul 2015 Ross Tweddell

film Paramount Pictures

10 Movies That Seriously Don't Deserve Their Critical Acclaim

Sometimes the critics get a little too excited for their own good.

4 Jul 2015 Andrew Dilks

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12 Problems With Reality Only People Who Are Addicted To Sims 4 Will Understand

So, you wanna go to my place and... "Woohoo"?

Updated 4 Jul 2015 M.L Gabriel

film Paramount Pictures

Alex Reviews Terminator Genisys - The Stupidest Time Travel Movie Ever?

"I'll be back." Yeah, please don't.

4 Jul 2015 Alex Leadbeater

film Marvel

16 Best Movie Moments Of 2015 (So Far)

The most epic year in cinema history gets off to a roaring start...

4 Jul 2015 Jack Pooley