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film Alastair Grant/AP

11 Times James Bond Said F**k You To The Fans

Those moments where 007 truly flipped off his audience...

Updated 27 Feb 2015 Jack Pooley


22 Common Misconceptions You've Always Believed (Until Now)

Not everything your parents told you is true.

Updated 27 Feb 2015 Brandon Jacobs

tv Fremantle Media/NBC

12 Hilariously Bad Attempts To Reboot Classic TV Shows

"How about we take this show and rip all that was good out of it?" "Brilliant!"

Updated 27 Feb 2015 Terry Hearn

gaming GearBox Softworks

10 Disappointing Video Games That Lied To Get Your Money

Were you stung by any of these lies?

Updated 27 Feb 2015 Tom Butler

film Buena Vista Pictures/Wikipedia

6 Movies That Predicted Horrific Disasters With Creepy Accuracy

Illuminati confirmed.

27 Feb 2015 Alex Porritt

offbeat Panda Cage Gif

11 Most Bizarre Zoo Accidents

Animal lovers beware - zoos really are killer places...

27 Feb 2015 Chris Waugh

film Frozen 0

10 Reasons Frozen Is Definitely NOT Disney's Best Animated Movie This Decade

Not everybody has Frozen Fever.

Updated 27 Feb 2015 Pete Thornton

gaming Naughty Dog

10 Video Game Endings With Disturbing Implications You Totally Missed

So much for your happy endings.

Updated 27 Feb 2015 Simon Gallagher

books Pixabay

Fifty Shades Of Grey: 21 Seduction Tips That Would Definitely Never Work

Some things should never, ever be part of foreplay.

Updated 27 Feb 2015 Alaina Urquhart-White

tv House Of Cards Fan Art

House Of Cards: 10 Questions That Must Be Answered In Season 3

Just like the Congressional Committee, but with more OMG...

Updated 27 Feb 2015 Adam Clery

offbeat Google Maps Aircrash

10 Shocking Things You Can See On Google Maps

Stop looking at your own house and find these.

Updated 27 Feb 2015 WhatCulture


10 Things You Didn't Know About Blade Runner

One thing you do know: Harrison Ford is back for the sequel.

Updated 27 Feb 2015 Andrew Dilks


17 Most Shocking Madonna Moments Ever

Snogging women, erotic literature, sexual stage shows - well what did you expect? It's Madonna.

27 Feb 2015 Elliot S Bleuth

film Leonardo Dicaprio Shell

10 Things You Didn't Know About Leonardo DiCaprio

Great guy but isn't he kind of weird?

27 Feb 2015 Sam Hill

tv NBC

10 Best Parks And Recreation Episodes

Parks and Rec is hereby awarded a 21 stamp salute, the notary's highest honor.

26 Feb 2015 Audrey Fox

gaming Cherno Samba

20 Problems Only Football Manager Fans Will Understand

Cherno Samba. The greatest footballer that ever lived.

26 Feb 2015 Adam Clery

tv CBS

20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Star Trek

It's life, Jim. But Spock never said this.

26 Feb 2015 Tom Baker


12 Majorly Insulting Comments That All Girls Are Sick Of Hearing

Why do you walk like such a girl?

26 Feb 2015 Sara Weir

offbeat WC

15 Famous People Who Turned Down Knighthoods

"No Your Majesty, one does not want to become a 'Sir' I'm afraid"

26 Feb 2015 Chris Waugh

gaming Turtle Rock

10 Essential 2015 Video Games You Can Already Own

The perfect titles to while away those early year blues.

26 Feb 2015 Tom Butler