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Titanfall 2 On Xbox One X Can Run Above 4K Resolution

The Xbox One X is one powerful beast, and this helps prove that.
By John Gold

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Finally Confirmed For Standalone Release

Finally! No need to buy Infinite Warfare just to play it.
By John Gold

Chelsea Transfers: 10 Players Antonio Conte Should Sign This Summer

Will Chelsea retain their Premier League crown next year? These players could certainly help them.…
By Jamie Roberts

10 Box Office Bombs You Could Spot From A Mile Away

Literally billions of dollars spent on absolute garbage.
By Scott Campbell

PlayStation Boss Confirms Existence Of PS5, Won't Follow Evolutionary Model Of Smartphones

Shaw Layden doesn't think the PlayStation brand will have iterative upgrades.
By John Gold

Until Dawn 2: 10 Improvements For The Perfect Sequel

It's just a matter of time.
By Jackson Osterhout

Game Of Thrones: Ranking Every Season 6 Storyline From Worst To Best

Blowing our minds and boring us to death.
By Jackson Osterhout

10 Ways The Chris Benoit Double-Murder/Suicide Case Changed WWE Forever

The Meaning of Death.
By Michael Hamflett

Anthem: 10 Things Bioware Must Deliver

If this is 'the next Mass Effect', it needs to be perfect.
By Ben Counter

Crash Bandicoot's Secret DLC Will Be Unused Naughty Dog Levels

We've cracked it!
By Scott Tailford

Assassin's Creed Origins: 10 Things It Needs To Deliver

From historical figures to weaponising the local wildlife.
By Ben Counter

Friends: 25 Greatest Episodes

Could these episodes BE any better?
By James Hunt

5 Ways Naughty Dog Can Avoid Killing Uncharted

You either die a hero...
By Callum Smith

12 Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games - Ranked

Move over Mario, we've got eyes for another...
By Scott Tailford

Deadpool 2: Everything We Know So Far

The Merc With A Mouth is coming. Again.
By Danny Meegan

10 Most Underrated David Bowie Songs

A selection of hidden gems and forgotten classics from The Thin White Duke.
By Tom Beer

10 Epic Wrestling Staredowns (That Never Went Anywhere)

First WWE create the buzz, then they take it away again...
By Andrew Murray

Skyrim: 10 Glaring Problems Everyone Always Overlooks

No game is perfect.
By Adam Hogg

GLOW Review: 7 Ups And 2 Downs

Netflix's Alison Brie-starring ladies wrestling series is body slamazing.
By James Hunt

15 Best Batman Video Games - Ranked

From the asylum to the city and back again.
By Scott Tailford

9 Terrible Openings That Almost Killed Great Video Games

Even Naughty Dog doesn't get it right all the time.
By Josh Brown

10 Problems Only WWE Fans Will Understand

If you can’t stand the (cheap) heat, get out of the kitchen.
By Jack Morrell

Why The Mummy Was A Disaster

Not even Tom Cruise is flop-proof.
By Jack Pooley

10 Best WWE Segments Of 2017 (So Far)

Weirdly, Stephanie McMahon castrating Mick Foley for fifteen minutes didn't make the cut.
By Michael Sidgwick

Transformers: The Last Knight Review: 5 Ups & 6 Downs

Absolute insanity, for better and for worse.
By Jack Pooley

Newcastle United Transfers: Every Graham Carr Signing Ranked Worst To Best

Transfer genius or lucky devil?
By Simon Gallagher

Jurassic World 2 Gets Transformers Style Subtitle, Is Now Called Fallen Kingdom

The sequel also has a poster and a very familiar tagline.
By James Hunt

Injustice 2: 19 Best Character Abilities You Must Unlock

Make sure you're getting the most out of this phenomenal roster.
By Scott Tailford

Star Wars: Han Solo - Ron Howard Confirmed To Take Over Directing Duties

They've Rushed to appoint him as Lord & Miller's successor.
By James Hunt

10 Things We Know About PES 2018

The temptation to buy PES before FIFA comes out is real...
By Jamie Kennedy