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Kurt Angle Replaces Roman Reigns In WWE TLC 2017 Main Event!

Angle to wrestle his first WWE match in 11 years this weekend.
By WhatCulture

The Walking Dead Season 8: 10 Big Questions We Need Answers To

OMG who does Negan kill? Sorry, that was last year.
By Joe Fish

8 Strangest Examples Of Censorship In Video Games

Taking the "sense" out of censorship.
By Lewis Evans

Destiny 2: Ranking All Exotic Weapons From Worst To Best

From trash tier to god tier, where does your favorite gun rank?
By Martin Harp

11 Ways Monolith Should Have Made Shadow Of War

It could've been the perfect sequel...
By Josh Brown

10 Hardest Legend Of Zelda Dungeons

Separating the adult Links from the child Links.
By Mark Langshaw

8 Best Superhero Video Games That Didn't Come From DC Or Marvel

A hero can be anyone - even a fat kid dressed up as a squirrel.
By Callum Smith

Avengers 4 Might Be The Russos' Last Marvel Movie

Josh Brolin hints at their departure from MCU.
By James Hunt

Avengers: Infinity War - Josh Brolin Teases "Complex, Next Level" Thanos

And he doesn't mind if you end up hating him.
By James Hunt

19 Awesome Movie Cameos Nobody Saw Coming

Wolverine outta nowhere.
By Jack Pooley

MCU Phase 4: 10 Comic Book Panels That Must Be Recreated

Bucky in the Cap suit? You know you want it.
By Ewan Paterson

FIFA 18 Vs. PES 2018: Which Game Is Better?

EA vs. Konami. Who takes home the title this year?
By Jamie Kennedy

8 Things That Almost Happened In Indiana Jones Movies

Dinosaurs, demons and a stariway to heaven.
By Mark Langshaw

Sony At Paris Games Week: 7 PS4 Reveals We Want To See 

Is it time?
By Tom Powter

10 Most Addictive Video Games Of 2017 (So Far)

"I WILL beat this Cuphead boss, even if it takes 100 tries..."
By Josh Brown

PlayStation 5: 8 New Rumours You Need To Hear

Some good, some... not so much.
By Mark Langshaw

WhatCulture Extra

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Campaign Hands-On: 10 Things We Learned

Possibly the best Star Wars campaign ever made.
By Scott Tailford

Behold, The Best Justice League Poster So Far

The League gets colourful...
By Simon Gallagher

Marvel's The Punisher Release Date Pits It Against Justice League

The world needs to know the truth.
By James Hunt

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Review - 7 Ups & 3 Downs

The funniest game of the year.
By Jack Pooley

The Walking Dead Season 8: 10 Most Revealing Things The Cast Have Said

“People are going to be blown away by it”...
By Joe Fish

Nintendo Finally Add Video Capture & Save Transfer To The Switch

Video capture... providing it's 30 seconds or under.
By Krishna Karia

10 Most Controversial Video Games Of All Time

Stalking scantily-clad young women in a house? That's 90s video games.
By Mark Langshaw

10 Shocking (But Believable) Theories About Star Wars: The Last Jedi

No Snoke without fire.
By Mark Langshaw

MCU: 8 Villains Who Could Be The Next Big Bad

The next villain to Marvel at.
By Scott Banner

10 Most Important Features Of Stephen King's Writing

Ever wondered why you love his work so much?
By Jonathan Gatenby

8 Iron Maiden Songs That Are Far Better Live

Scream for me, WhatCulture.
By Scott Banner

10 Reasons No Man’s Sky Is Finally Worth Playing

Space may be the final frontier, but is it finally fun to explore?
By Dustin Parry

Arrow Confirms Bruce Wayne Exists In The Arrowverse

But what about Batman?
By James Hunt

10 Truly Terrible Video Game Quests We're All Sick Of

That line between challenge and chore has blurred into one.
By Steve Clark