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All hail the king.
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The UK Tournament was a big success, but what does it mean for British wrestling?
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This article is dark, dangerous, and depressing. We suggest you read something else.
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10 Saddest Video Game Endings Of All Time

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8 Ways To Tell If You're A Psychopath

Read this after you've returned those videotapes.
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8 Greatest TV Battles That Ever Hit The Screen

From Azeroth to Westeros and beyond...
By Brian Wilson

12 Things You Didn't Know About Video Game Soundtracks

Some scores wrote themselves, others killed children. Possibly.
By Benjamin Richardson

11 Most Disgusting Movie Creatures Of All Time

And you thought King Kong was the scariest monster on Skull Island.
By Padraig Cotter

WWE 2K18 Wishlist: 11 Things It Must Include

How Yuke's can have a successful undertaking...
By Scott Fried

MCU: 15 Most Powerful Items In Marvel's Phase 3

The Infinity Gauntlet isn't the only artefact in the MCU...
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25 Movies Starring The Walking Dead Stars In 2017

Lots of Negan-free opportunities to love both survivors and the long-dead this year...
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9 Reasons DC TV Shows Are Better Than The Movies

They've already got one great Flash.
By James Hunt

10 Completely Unexpected Films By Famous Directors

Because Clint Eastwood's films can't all be cowboy movies.
By Brogan Morris

Ranking Jean-Claude Van Damme's Boss Fights

A face-kicking hero is only as good as his face-kicked villain.
By Jacob Trowbridge

7 Things Game Of Thrones Toned Down For TV

A song of censorship and omissions.
By Kate Taylor

10 Things You Didn't Know About Scooby Doo

The monster nudie films, for a start.
By Ian Watson

10 Actors Who Conducted Insane Research For Iconic Movie Roles

There's more to acting than memorising lines.
By WhatCulture

11 Thoughts All Girls Have During Sex

Did he just... yup, he did.
By Rachel Bailey

14 Star Wars Original Trilogy Easter Eggs You Need To See

Impressive, most impressive.
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8 Most Powerful People In MMA

Who really controls the fight game?
By Jay Anderson

Batman's 10 Best Movie Moments

The Dark Knight's greatest hits.
By Mark Woodrow

10 Most Ridiculous Moments In Resident Evil History

A series where punching boulders is just par for the course.
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10 Most Insane Wrestling Spots Of The Week (Jan 15)

Matanza crashed through Dario's roof!
By Mitch Nickelson

7 Ups & 3 Downs From WWE UK Championship Tournament (Night 1)

Pete Dunne & co. set WWE's latest venture off to a fun start.
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Marvel: 15 Biggest MCU Rumours You Need To Know (Jan 15th)

Nightmare, Betty Ross Returns and Peter Dinklage?!
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50 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2017 - Ranked

Get ready to eat a LOT of popcorn.
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10 Major Resolutions For DC Movies In 2017

It's time to meet the Bat Family.
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10 Strangest World War II Unsolved Mysteries

Just who did give up Anne Frank to the Nazis?
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