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Arrow: 10 Greatest Episodes

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10 Hottest Video Game Movies Currently In Production - Ranked

Lara Croft, Sam Fisher, and Pikachu are heading to the big screen near you.
By Brandon Jacobs

DC Extended Universe: Ranking Every Upcoming Film By Anticipation

Sequels. Solos. Team-ups. What do fans have to look forward to?
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15 Best Behind-The-Scenes Images From 2017's Biggest Movies

Hobo Odin?
By Jack Pooley

10 Movies From 2016 That Really Shouldn’t Have Been Boring

One of the rare times a movie would have been better without Wolverine.
By Padraig Cotter

10 Big Lessons WWE Must Learn From 2016

Is it time to finally put an end to the Superman push?
By Andrew Murray

Predicting How 2017’s Biggest Movies Will End

RIP Xavier.
By Jack Pooley

8 Ways Westworld Is Basically A Video Game

How HBO's new classic borrows from gaming...
By Adam Speight

11 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Final Fantasy XV

After 10 years, they were going to break at least one world record...
By Scott Tailford

12 Best British Sitcoms Of All Time

Laughing all the way to the BAFTAs.
By Ryan Seager

Arrowverse Crossover: 11 Best Moments From Arrow's 100th Episode 'Invasion!'

Arrow reaches its century, and celebrates the previous 99 episodes in considerable style. 
By James Hunt

10 Redeeming Elements In Otherwise Awful Movies

Finding the diamonds in the rough.
By Robert Tiemstra

20 Movies Starring Harry Potter Actors Coming In 2017

Get your Harry Potter fix next year with these films starring Hogwarts alumni.
By Helen Jones

American Horror Story: 10 Reasons Asylum Is The Best Season

Possession, demons, and angels of death - here's why Asylum is the best of AHS.
By Tom Chapman

DC Extended Universe: 5 Best & 5 Worst Characters Introduced In 2016

Two movies. A batboatload of new faces.
By Geoff Cox

25 Most Powerful Characters In MCU Movies (So Far)

All killers, no fillers.
By Simon Gallagher

20 Most Unfairly Hated Movies Of The 21st Century

They're not that bad!
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6 Best & 6 Worst Comic Book Movie Performances Of 2016

The good, the bad, and the Luthor...
By Jon Fuge

Spider-Man: Homecoming - 10 Things We Want To See In The Trailer

It's time to finally get Spider-Man right.
By Brian Wilson

10 Actors Who Must Play Spider-Man Villains In The MCU

Casting Spidey's rogues.
By Tom Chapman

10 Video Games Ruined By Absolutely Terrible Controls

So close, and yet s- MILES AWAY.
By Brian Wilson

Every Wolverine Movie Performance Ranked Worst To Best

Yes, even that incredible cameo.
By Brian Wilson

7 Reasons No Man's Sky Should Be Considered For Game Of The Year 2016

Quell the hate, Hello Games did a lot of things remarkably well.
By Scott Tailford

Netflix's Voltron: 5 Reasons It's The Best Animated TV Series Of 2016

A classic remade in the best form.
By Martyn Warren

MCU: 15 Marvel Movie Moments That Pissed Off Every Fan

Surprisingly this isn't just a list about Thor: The Dark World.
By Padraig