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8 Heavy Metal Songs That Denounce Racism

Contrary to popular belief, metal has more to say than "Hail Satan."
By Daniel MacDonald

The Elder Scrolls VI: 10 Skyrim Mods That Must Be Included

There's a lot to be learnt from the modding community.
By Adam Hogg

5 Reasons To Enjoy Whiskey In Autumn

You Don't Know Jack!
By Jack Daniel's

10 Once-Lovable TV Characters Who Became Completely Repulsive

What the hell HAPPENED to you?
By Jacob Trowbridge

8 Worst Things About Being A Gamer In 2016

"VR is the future!"... if you can afford it.
By Brian Wilson

10 Movie Flops You've Probably Forgotten

They came, they flopped, they went.
By Ian Watson

10 Most Highly-Anticipated Video Games Of 2017

With the beginning of the end of 2016, comes the rise of 2017.
By Clayton Froggatt

10 Reasons Pokemon Is The Greatest Franchise In Video Game History

Gotta rationally argue 'em all.
By Adam Clery

10 Worst Opening Scenes In Otherwise Perfect Movies

Never judge a film by its first moments.
By Sam Hill

9 Bands You Used To Love (But Can No Longer Listen To)

Guilt, shame and Axl Rose.
By Brian Wilson

Final Fantasy XV: 6 Ups & 8 Downs

Chapter 13 is just the worst.
By Jack Pooley

25 Things That Will Change Everything In The Next Century

Your life is going to change beyond all recognition.
By Stevie Shephard

9 Iconic Movie Characters Who Appeared Outside Their Franchises

Bet you don't know George Lazenby played Bond twice.
By Padraig Cotter

9 Science Facts That Will Ruin Your Day

The science of human nature makes for some uncomfortable reading.
By Stevie Shephard

10 Underrated Movies Everyone Loved At First (But Now Dislikes)

What's wrong with Return Of The Jedi?
By Alex Leadbeater

10 Actresses Who Are Basically Nude For The Entire Movie

Because any exposure is good exposure, right?
By Ben Bussey

15 Comic Covers You Won't Believe Were Allowed To Exist

Racist imagery, uncomfortable sexuality, and double entendres aplenty!
By Tom Baker

27 WTF Moments From WWE TLC 2016

It was me, Ambrose! It was me all along, Ambrose!
By WhatCulture

10 Awesome Moments That Defined The N64

Did you unlock surfing Pikachu?
By Richard John Dorricott

Westworld Season 1 Finale: 13 Huge Questions After 'The Bicameral Mind'

Soon this will all feel like a distant dream. Until then, let's ponder the questions left behind.…
By James Hunt

10 Talented Voice Actors You'll Find In All Your Favourite Video Games

The voices of a generation.
By Kristian Webb

10 Alternative Christmas Movies

Santa's mad as hell - and he's got a flamethrower!
By Ian Watson

The Walking Dead: 10 Reasons Fans Are Abandoning The Show

Maybe Negan killed the show too.
By Padraig Cotter

15 Unique Things To Do In London (That You Won't Find On Trip Advisor)

Blimey! Bawerd ov visitin' da same old gaffs when yer in London, guv'nor? Here's 15 yer probably yet ter discover.…
By Lottie Oram

10 Miserable Continuations Of Iconic Video Games That Ended In Disaster

There's a reason the "dark and gritty sequel" trend died out...
By Richard John Dorricott

10 Great Things In Metal This Week (4th Dec)

Commemorating two decades of people shouting "Rooooots! Bloody roooooooooots!"
By Matt Mills

10 Best Moments In Final Fantasy History

The phenomenal scenes that make the series truly timeless.
By Dan Cross

Marvel's Luke Cage: 10 Things That Must Happen In Season 2

You know Heroes For Hire has to kick off soon, right?
By Ewan Paterson

15 Things We Learned At The PlayStation Experience 2016

It's happening.
By Jack Pooley

FIFA 17 Career Mode: Ranking The Best Premier League Teams To Manage

15 years is a long time in charge of a football club, so you better choose wisely.
By Nicholas McNiece