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9 Most Outrageous Friends Fan Theories

They don't know that we know they know.
By James Hunt

10 Worst Things Loki Has Ever Done To Thor

They don't call him the god of mischief for nothing.
By Andrew Young

Wreck-It-Ralph 2 Has A New Title: Ralph Breaks The Internet

Ralph's about to go viral.
By Simon Gallagher

Spider-Man: Homecoming - Spidey May Leave MCU After Sequel

It might only be temporary...
By Simon Gallagher

10 Worst Ever FIFA Games - Ranked

The not-so-beautiful games.
By Mark Langshaw

Beauty And The Best Remake: 7 Iconic Elements They Left Out

Some changes aren't welcome...
By David Bailey

10 Wrestlers Who Look Better Now Than In Their Primes

It's never too late to get in shape...
By Scott Fried

Justice League Trailer: 23 Best Internet Reactions

Get hype all over again.
By Jack Pooley

Justice League Trailer: 10 Big Questions We're Left With

"What are your superpowers again?"
By James Hunt

11 Ways Bioware Should Have Made Mass Effect Andromeda

How to write a story worth five years and 40 million dollars.
By Scott Tailford

The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale: 9 Big Questions We Need Answers To

With the series on the brink of war, there's a lot the finale needs to wrap up.
By James Hunt

Marvel's Iron Fist: 10 Things That Must Happen In Season 2

Just put him in the costume already!
By Christian Bone

Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer 2 - More Vulture, Cap Cameo And Spidey Unmasked!!

He's just got to do this on his own...
By Simon Gallagher

12 Horror Movies That Are Basically Just Porn

Spend Valentine's as you always should: terrified and aroused.
By Simon Gallagher

True Detective Season 3: 8 Ways To Fix The Show

The show we deserve this time, please.
By James Hunt

Spider-Man: Venom Is R-Rated, Could Tom Holland Appear?

More updates on Sony's Spidey-Verse...
By Simon Gallagher

True Detective Season 3 Might Be Happening After All, Deadwood Writer Comes Onboard

The flat circle of life comes back around.
By James Hunt

Jumanji 2: Video Game Themed Sequel Stars Jack Black As Teenage Girl

Also becomes second The Rock film called "Welcome To The Jungle"...
By Simon Gallagher

Deadpool 2 Teaser: 16 Easter Eggs & Secrets You Probably Missed

Superman, Stan Lee and Ariana Grande?!
By Simon Gallagher

Blade Runner 2049: Sounds Like Jared Leto Is Going Weird Again

CinemaCon footage reveals a creepy replicant maker with a daddy complex. Obviously.
By Simon Gallagher

Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Description - Spidey Loses His Suit

So that's why he's in the homemade suit...
By Simon Gallagher

10 Movie Adaptations You Already Know Are Doomed To Disappoint

Call it a sixth sense...
By Sam Hill

10 Weird Alternate Versions Of Spider-Man

Webbed Wonders from all across the Spider-Verse.
By Andrew Young

Power Rangers: Every Major Character Ranked From Worst To Best

It's rankin' time!
By Jack Pooley

Every Mass Effect Andromeda Sex Scene You Clearly Want To See

We'll bang, okay?
By Scott Tailford

Deadpool 2 Writers Want A Different Kind Of Wolverine Cameo

Three cheers for meta-cameos...
By Simon Gallagher

12 Biggest Unanswered DC Movie Mysteries

So did Batman just leave the Batmobile plans lying around?
By Simon Gallagher

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 12: 10 Funniest Moments

What's a season of Sunny without a number of (slightly uncomfortable) laughs?
By Noah Dominguez

Spider-Man: Homecoming - New Trailer May Land Tonight

The webslinger could be coming sooner than expected...
By Simon Gallagher

Uh-Oh, Netflix Sign Adam Sandler Up To FOUR More Movies

Maybe 8th time will be the charm?
By Simon Gallagher