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music Sire

15 Most Iconic Rock Albums Under 30 Minutes

Just like your girlfriend says, it's not always about the length...

1 Dec 2015 Jacob Trowbridge

gaming Bethesda

Fallout 5: 12 Things We Want To See

No. More. Glitches.

1 Dec 2015 Jack Pooley

tv AMC

The Walking Dead: 10 Best Deaths Of Season 6 So Far

Six seasons in and safety still isn't guaranteed.

1 Dec 2015 Geoff Cox

film Warner Bros.

20 Dumbest Moments In DC Movies

Prepare to facepalm all over again...

1 Dec 2015 Jack Pooley

music Variance Films

8 Demo Versions Of Famous Songs You'll Barely Recognise

Songs don't grow on trees, you know.

1 Dec 2015 Brian Wilson

film TriStar Entertainment

10 Haunting Movies That F*ck With Your Mind

Terrifying and mind-boggling in equal measure...

1 Dec 2015 Sam Hill

gaming Crystal Dynamics

21 Best Hidden Gaming Gems Of The Decade (So Far)

Think you've seen the best this decade has to offer? Think again.

1 Dec 2015 Scott Tailford


WWE 2K16: 18 WTF Glitches You Won't Believe

Another haunted wrestling game.

1 Dec 2015 Simon Gallagher

film Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Comics

11 Giant Mistakes The DCEU Has Already Made

Batman V Superman: Five movies for the price of one!

1 Dec 2015 Padraig Cotter

film Pixar

The Good Dinosaur Review - Obvious Troubled Production Is Obvious

Pixar's most beautiful movie, but with a highly derivative story.

1 Dec 2015 Alex Leadbeater

music XL Recordings

20 Greatest Electronic Music Albums Of All Time

Electronic music can be so much more than just mindless repetitive beats...

Updated 1 Dec 2015 Andrew Dilks

gaming Rockstar

Red Dead 3: 7 Reasons We Want It More Than GTA VI

Rockstar's urban crime sim is going stale, so we need a breath of that dry, wild west air.

1 Dec 2015 Robert Zak

music © Joe Giron/Corbis

9 Living Musicians Who Literally Came Back After Death

Who needs a pulse to rock and roll? Not these f*ckers.

1 Dec 2015 Jacob Trowbridge

gaming Bethesda

Fallout 4: 15 Most Obscure Easter Eggs You Totally Missed

Everything from Blade Runner to Sons of Anarchy - Bethesda have outdone themselves.

1 Dec 2015 Joe Pring

tv AMC

The Walking Dead Season 6: 13 WTF Moments From 'Start To Finish'

Tensions are high in the mid-season finale as walkers descend, individual battles take hold, and Rick's beard FINALLY gets appreciated.

1 Dec 2015 Andrew Pollard

science Pixabay

8 Ways Climate Change Isn't Messing Around

The facts about climate change should really, properly scare you, so why don't we seem to care at all?

Updated 1 Dec 2015 Stevie Shephard