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10 Video Games That Weren't As Good As You Remember 

Forget what you remembered about these games, because your child-like brain was sadly mistaken.
By Joel Harvey

9 Reasons To Be Hyped For Star Trek Discovery

Back to the Prime Universe for an online-only Star Trek series? Yes please.
By Rob Leane

12 Actors Who Could Breakout In 2017

What new gems will be discovered in 2017's year in film?
By Colin McCormick

Every Major 2017 Video Game - Ranked By Anticipation

John Marston, Link, Crash, Kratos - high-profile returns are just the beginning.
By Scott Tailford

10 Most Hotly Anticipated Returning TV Shows Of 2017

It's been too long - and hopefully, these will be coming back in style. 
By James Hunt

13 Unanswered Questions From 2016's Comic Book Movies

We need to know!
By Jack Pooley

Ranking All 30 WWE Royal Rumble Winners

From the ones who launched their careers to the ones who simply outlasted everyone.
By Scott Carlson

New Logan Trailer Goes Meta And Mega-Violent

So X-Men comics are now historical documents?!
By Simon Gallagher

10 Ways To Save The Nintendo Switch

Is it already too late?
By Scott Tailford

Hellboy 3: Guillermo Del Toro Confirms Talks Are ON

Could Big Red be rescued from the scrapheap?
By Simon Gallagher

Game Of Thrones: 7 Video Game Mods You Need To See

A Lannister always mods his games.
By Dan Cross

8 Worst Films Directed By Oscar Winners

When good directors turn bad.
By Ian Watson

MCU: 10 Marvel Characters Who Will Definitely Die In Phase 3

Fear the Reaper.
By Simon Gallagher

WCPW Announce Inaugural Pro Wrestling World Cup 2017

First of its kind 64-man tournament launches in March...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Actors Who Stupidly Turned Down Iconic Roles

Big, big mistakes.
By Simon Gallagher

Marvel’s The Defenders: 9 New Details Netflix Just Revealed

Four heroes. Eight episodes. It's the Netflix event of the year, and here's what we know so far. …
By James Hunt

Legion: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

Dan Stevens takes centre stage as Legion in Marvel and FOX's first TV collaboration.
By Adam Speight

20 Biggest Things The Harry Potter Movies Left Out

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are..."
By Simon Gallagher

WhatCulture Launch Weekly Wrestling Magazine - First Issue Out Now

First issue of Wrestling Weekly is available this weekend...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Most Awesome Season Finales Of All Time

The End Is High.
By Shaun Davis

12 Things That Almost Completely Changed 2016’s Biggest Movies

By Jack Pooley

Uh-Oh, Wonder Woman Is Being Called A "Discombobulated Mess"

"It's discombobulated, it doesn't have narrative flow. It's just very disjointed."
By Simon Gallagher

Fantastic Beasts 2: Everything You Need To Know

Dumbledore! Paris! Less Newt! Fantastic Beasts 2 could be very different...
By Rob Leane

FIFA 18: 9 Essential Features It Must Include

E-A Sports... It's in the features!
By Zachary Gilbert

Sherlock Season 4: 20 Easter Eggs & References In 'The Final Problem'

Sherrinford, Skyfall and Sea Devils.
By Christian Bone

Han Solo Movie: Everything You Need To Know

A crime caper with cool cameos and Corellian curmudgeons? Count us in.
By Rob Leane

10 Films That Would Make Great TV Shows

Because straight-up film remakes just aren't cutting anymore.
By Matt Hirons

10 Most Badass Buffy The Vampire Slayer Baddies

Which monster, demon, ghost, vampire, or other miscellaneous monster will come out on top?
By Josh Mills

12 2016 Video Game Gems You Totally Missed

It wasn't all about Overwatch and Uncharted 4, y'know...
By Scott Tailford

20 Best TV Episodes Of 2016 

The best of the best, these were the single instalments to truly stand out in 2016.
By James Hunt