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nfl Jeff Chiu/AP

NFL: Early Predictions For The NFC

Chip Kelly's masterplan is set to boom, Lions will be tamed, and there's a power shift in the West.

22 May 2015 Michael Potts

film IFC Midnight

27 WTF Moments From The Human Centipede 3

Tom Six once again crosses the line as far as body fluid-based horror goes...

22 May 2015 Jack Pooley

film Universal Studios

16 Times Jurassic Park 3 Was The Dumbest Sequel Ever

Because going to an island full of dinosaurs with no plan whatsoever seems like a great idea.

22 May 2015 Brendan Morrow

film Wild Bunch

Cannes 2015: Love Review - Why The 3D Sex Movie Is A Masterpiece

Gaspar Noé's expression of passion is a tour de force.

22 May 2015 Alex Leadbeater

film Lucasfilm

10 Huge Problems You Consciously Ignore Because The Film Is So Good

Wilful ignorance is bliss.

22 May 2015 Adam Thompson

offbeat BBC

14 Most Haunted Objects From Around The World

Sometimes the things you own, end up owning you.

22 May 2015 Sara Weir

nfl AJ Mast/AP

NFL: Early Predictions For The AFC

Patriots sinking, Miami rising, and the Browns? Just being the Browns.

22 May 2015 Michael Potts

film Disney

Tomorrowland Review: Who'd Have Thought We'd Miss Dystopia So Much?

In 1960, it really might have been something. In 2015, it's not.

22 May 2015 Simon Gallagher

film Wild Bunch

Cannes 2015: Chronic Review - Tim Roth Shines But Can't Save The Film

A great performance can't save a sloppy plot.

22 May 2015 Alex Leadbeater

tv AMC

The Walking Dead: 10 Mistakes That Must Be Learnt From In Season 6

For God's sake, kill someone who matters.

22 May 2015 Adam Thompson

gaming Rockstar

GTA VI: 10 Things It Must Learn From Vice City

What can Rockstar re-learn from arguably the best instalment in the whole franchise?

22 May 2015 Michael Park

music John Shearer/AP

10 Most Drug-Fuelled Rock Stars In Music History

Sometimes you can't even HAVE sex and rock 'n' roll without the drugs.

22 May 2015 Andrew Dilks

gaming Naughty Dog

10 Progressive Characters Who Prove Video Games Aren't Bigoted

There are some game characters not designed for teenage boys.

22 May 2015 Matthew Highton

tv BBC

10 Doctor Who Characters You Secretly Wanted To Kill

Some you love. Some you hate. And some you just want to bludgeon to death with a Dalek plunger.

22 May 2015 Freddie Rochez

tv HBO

Game Of Thrones Preview: What To Expect From 'The Gift'

Only four episodes remaining.

22 May 2015 James Hunt

comics Marvel

6 Drastic Comic Book Changes That Won't Stick

With so many changes, it's only a matter of time before things get back to normal.

22 May 2015 Freddie Rochez

gaming Tecmo/NetherRealm/Konami

10 Greatest Video Game Ninjas Of All Time

A look at the stealthiest and most stylish assassins in gaming.

22 May 2015 Lee Price

comics DC Comics

20 Mind Blowing Facts About Wonder Woman

What was Wonder Woman originally going to be called?

22 May 2015 Josh Wilding

offbeat Flickr

10 Most Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Proves Hypnosis Is Real

Number 10: You are getting sleepy...

22 May 2015 Tom Baker

film MGM

10 Most Unexpected Director Career Changes

When famous directors made a movie that was shockingly different to what went before.

22 May 2015 Adam Thompson