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13 Truths Comic Book Fans Would Never Admit To Themselves

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Star Trek 3 Plot: 10 Moral Dilemmas From The Show That Could Be Resurrected

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20 Movie Taglines That Make No Sense At All

Including classic like: "Unwittingly, he trained a dolphin to kill the President of the United States."

10 Outrageously Over-Acted Moments In The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Chewing the scenery was apparently a strict requirement of being in this movie.

What’s A Scene You Really Hate From A Movie You Really Love?

Annoying scenes in your favourite movies you'd like to take a loaded shotgun to.

Game Of Thrones: 7 Best Moments From Breaker Of Chains

Involves Tywin badmouthing his grandson in front of his corpse. Classy move!

12 Actors Who Must Play Marvel Villains Before 2028

The big bad casting decisions to bring Kevin Feige's MCU Master Plan to life...

20 Pics To Give You OCD Nightmares

Sometimes, the world just slaps any sense of order in the face.

10 Characters From Famous TV Shows Who Were Swept Under The Carpet

Disappeared into limbo when the writers realised they served zero purpose. Awkward.

20 Lies We All Tell Technical Support Agents

No, we're sure you weren't looking at porn, and that console happened to drop itself.

10 Awesome Movies Set Over The Course Of A Day

A lot can happen in a day...

10 Awesome Superhero Film Moments For When Marvel Owns Everything

Two words everybody: Civil War.

Roberto Orci Wants To Direct Star Trek 3

Paramount said to be unsure about the Trek & The Amazing Spider-Man screenwriter helming the Enterprise.

15 Best Opening Levels In Gaming History

Iconic for their artistic merit and mind-melting invention...

10 Iconic Pop Songs Hilariously Covered By Metal Bands

Because if you haven't heard Oops, I Did It Again by a melodic death metal band, you haven't truly lived.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: 10 Things It Did Right

Despite its flaws, there were still a lot of good things about The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Game Of Thrones: 5 Winners & 5 Losers In ‘Breaker Of Chains’

It's not looking good for Meereen right now...

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23 Problems Only Comic Book Readers Will Understand

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