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Life Finds A Way: Jeff Goldblum Is Returning For Jurassic World 2

The best news you'll read all year.
By Simon Gallagher

10 Biggest Misplaced Complaints About WWE Today

For Vince McMahon, if it makes dollars, it makes sense...
By Andrew Murray

10 Best 'Worst' Movies Of 2017 (So Far)

Movies that kick ass, get the girl and look dope while doing it.
By Ian Watson

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Trailer Breakdown: 25 Things You Need To See

Harry's back, baby.
By Jack Pooley

12 Awesome Video Games With One Awful Mechanic

Because no game's perfect.
By Jack Pooley

20 Best Video Game Opening Levels Of The Last 10 Years

Does anything beat throwing a Metal Gear across the city?
By Scott Tailford

Netflix Marvel Universe: Everything We Know So Far About The Upcoming Shows

From Defenders to Daredevil S3, the latest on Netflix's corner of the MCU.
By James Hunt

Doctor Who Series 10: 7 Big Questions We're Asking After 'Smile

Will happiness prevail or has episode two of Doctor Who left us with too many unanswered questions?…
By Paul Driscoll

Avengers 4: Did Zoe Saldana Accidentally Reveal The Title?

Gamora may have let slip what comes after Infinity War.
By James Hunt

Kingsman: The Golden Circle - Colin Firth Is Back From The Dead In First Trailer

He did it his way.
By James Hunt

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2: 12 Critical Reactions You Need To Know

A (mostly) worthy follow-up.
By Jack Pooley

Star Trek 4 Is Still Happening (According To Its Spock)

Time travelling fourquel hasn't been torpedoed yet.
By Simon Gallagher

Star Wars Battlefront 2: 10 Playable Heroes It Must Include

Help me Obi-Wan/Poe/Ahsoka, you're our only hope.
By George Foster

Avengers 4: 8 Spoilerific Predictions For The Real Title

The Death Of The Avengers, anyone?
By Simon Gallagher

Game Of Thrones: 9 Deleted Scenes You Need To See

Tywin Lannister: Tyrannical Lord, Hand of the King, keen fisherman.
By Michael Potts

Avengers 4's Title Is An Infinity War Spoiler

Avengers: Disassembled?
By Simon Gallagher

5 Bands That Are The New Faces Of UK Heavy Metal

Who's going to carry the torch?
By Steven Hooke

10 Utterly Devastating Film Endings That Totally Came Out Of Nowhere

Well, that was depressing.
By Edward Owen

10 Terrible Mistakes That Almost Ruined Batman For Everyone

Just how close did we come to Batman being forgotten?
By Simon Gallagher

17 Death Row Requests You Won't Believe Were Made

Gluttonous feasts, abstract concepts, and inedible matter.
By Tom Butler

25 Mind-Blowing Facts About The West Wing

Sidney Poitier as Josiah Bartlett? It just wouldn't be the same...
By Chris Waugh

15 Awesome Plot Twists That Totally Saved Awful Movies

Surprising moments that made it all (somewhat) worthwhile.
By Jack Pooley

20 Movie Remakes You Didn’t Know Were In The Works

Let's try that one again...
By Simon Gallagher

20 Greatest Empowering Break-Up Songs

F*ck heartbreak.
By EB Strider

Jack Nicholson: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

Heeeereeee's Jacky!
By Sam Hill

12 Marvel Movies To Make Phase 4 "Distinctly Different"

Kevin Feige is promising a whole new world...
By Simon Gallagher

MCU: There Might Not Actually Be A Marvel Phase 4

Marvel set to rearrange how films are released?
By Simon Gallagher

X-Men: Dark Phoenix, New Mutants & Deadpool 2 All Coming In 2018

Next year, we hit peak superhero season.
By Simon Gallagher

Avengers: Infinity War - Spider-Man's Costume "Leaked" Online

The weird things that show up on University campuses...
By Simon Gallagher

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2: Miley Cyrus & Nathan Fillion Cameos Revealed

So many cameos, so little time.
By Simon Gallagher