10 Best Stephen King Novels

10. On Writing

stephen king on writing I buttonhooked you there, didn€™t I? Make no mistake, this book belongs on this list and it€™s a must read for any aspiring writer. I read it more than once and I keep it nearby, always. What King accomplished in this book is impressive. He created, for my money, the very best book about writing I€™ve ever read. It€™s part memoir and part instructional. He pulls you in to his own world and makes you feel like you€™re living the life of a struggling writer. His honest portrayal of life, art and his own demons is commendable all while the thousands of little tips sprinkled throughout the book provide you a plethora of knowledge. Who better to write a book about writing? He even provides a list of recommended reading to help you better understand all of the aspects of creating a good story. Let€™s run down the checklist: Entertaining narrative. Honest portrayal of real life. Thousands of tips on how to better your own abilities. A reading list to further your studies. It€™s all included, making this the best textbook you€™ve ever had in your hands and at a fraction of the cost. The fact is, if you write or want to write, you need to have this book. It€™ll change everything.

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