Top 10 Stephen King Stories

When I first started writing this feature it went through several title changes…

Alice Booth


When I first started writing this feature it went through several title changes. To begin with it was ’The 10 Best Stephen King Novels’, but as someone who really loves the horror genre I knew that I had to include ‘Danse Macabre’ his horror anthology. Consequently in its second incarnation it became ‘The 10 Best Stephen King Books’. Unfortunately that too had to go because I knew I couldn’t leave out his shorter fiction. Personally I think that anyone who can squeeze down a story to fit 20 or so pages (or 180 in the case of Apt Pupil) and still make it terrifying and touching and brilliant is a genius. So there are 4 of them on the list.

In my naiveté I thought it would be difficult to choose 10 stories and that I’d end up with a few on the list that in my heart of hearts I wasn’t that bothered about. I was wrong. It turns out that sticking to 10 is very hard and there are a fair few that I would liked to have put on the list that I had to leave out for the sake of not making it ‘The Best I-Stopped-Counting-After-180 Things that Stephen King has Written’.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that Stephen King has written too much. Previously this wouldn’t have been a complaint, I love his work, but it’s just not conducive to a top 10 list (particularly because I haven’t read all over-180 things which he’s written although I’m currently making a concerted effort). Therefore whilst I would tentatively call this a top 10 I would say that whilst it’s my top 10, it might not be yours.

So without further ado I give you ‘My Top 10 Favorites of the Stuff Written by Stephen King which I Have Read Although There is Other Stuff Which I Also Like Which I Didn’t Include Due to Space Limitations’. It’s catchy.

Or as my editor has called it “Top 10 Stephen King Stories”…