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12 Music Acts To See At Edinburgh's Fringe Festival

There's lots to do in Scotland's capital this August...
By FestivalFindr
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10 Hidden Details You Never Noticed In Famous Paintings

Blink and you'll miss them, squint and you'll catch them.
By Wesley Cunningham-Burns
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9 Outstanding Female Comedians Funnier Than Amy Schumer

Seriously, you can do better than Milk, Milk, Lemonade.
By Gregory Austin
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Harry Potter: JK Rowling Says The Cursed Child Will Definitely Make You Cry

Excellent, more Dobby moments then.
By Simon Gallagher
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8 Huge Predictions For Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

From sudden death to unexpected divorce...
By Brian Wilson
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Exclusive Crimson Peak Fan Art Competition

Submit your drawings for a chance to win a host of brilliant prizes!
By Dan Powell
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10 Artists Who Highlight Romania's Budding Art Scene

"Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known" - Oscar Wilde
By Grolsch
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8 Famous Artists Who Tried To Destroy Their Own Art

Even the greatest artists suffered from self-doubt.
By Brian Wilson
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25 Iconic Banksy Graffiti Murals (And Where To Find Them)

It's time to go Banksy hunting!
By WhatCulture

10 Artists You Didn't Know Committed Suicide

Or "How To Be Sad For The Rest Of The Week."
By Susan S

Don't Miss The Shaolin Monks This Coming Fall

Performing in London
By Dan Powell

5 Comedians To Look Out For At Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Knock, knock. Who's there? Five comedians to checkout at this year's festival.
By Adam Hopkins
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10 Up And Coming Portrait Photographers

Because there's nothing wrong with a good close up.
By Microsoft
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Sponsored - Nights By Absolut Show How You Really Make The Party

This article has been sponsored by Absolut. Views expressed are that of the site.
By Absolut
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16 Things Only Les Misérables Fans Will Understand

On a scale of 0 to Eponine, how friend zoned are you?
By Sara Weir

10 Podcasts That You Need In Your Life

Information for the masses.
By Aundre Jacobs
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10 Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold

Just the £104.6 million for a painting of Pablo Picasso's penis, then...
By Chris Waugh
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10 Most Expensive Photos Ever Sold

Maybe it's time to stop taking selfies?
By WhatCulture

11 Great Musicals With Mature Themes

Thought musicals were all Disney adaptations or overly cutesy? Well, you'd be wrong...
By Bradley Ward

Banksy: 7 Great Artistic Achievements So Far

Who says graffiti isn't art?
By Pat OMalley

Doctor Sleep: 5 Best References To The Shining

By Michael Thompson

Bridget Jones: 5 Reasons Helen Fielding Was Right To Kill Off Mr. Darcy In New Book

By Yvonne McLeod

5 Reasons You Must See The Book Of Mormon

By John Howard

5 Best Irvine Welsh Novels

By Jack Morris

6 Best Broadway Musicals by Decade

By Michael Perone

Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Novels #8 Earthworld - Review

By Elizabeth Carr

Celebrated Writer Seamus Heaney Dies At 74

By Diarmuid Hickey

From Wool To Dust And Beyond: An Interview With Hugh Howey

By Dwight Wade

A Desperate And Pathetic Attempt At Originality: Interview With Gary D. Morton

By Simon Cassidy

4 Novels That Prove Dostoevsky Was One Of The All-Time Best Authors

By Paul Sorrells