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gaming DOA 3 5k views

Dead Or Alive 5: 10 Reasons Why It's A Must Buy Game

The Dead Or Alive series makes a comeback this month after nearly 7 years absent from our consoles.

12 Sep 2012 Damon

gaming Elena 116k views

10 Top Current-Gen Gaming Romances

We all love love stories, right?

19 Jul 2012 Damon

gaming Dark-Souls

Dark Souls: Top 8 Boss Fights

Ahead of next month's PC release, we look back at the best battles of last year's classic fantasy epic

6 Jul 2012 Damon

gaming jpg 701 views

Naruto Shippuden Storm 3 Teased

Slated for release late next year, Storm 3 should have plenty of time to fill in any extra story content that will appear in the manga from here on out.

5 Jul 2012 Damon

gaming Logo_Final_Fantasy 225k views

Final Fantasy - Which Game is The Best?

We rank 22 Final Fantasy games to answer the ultimate question of which one is the best in the series...

2 Jul 2012 Damon

gaming resident 9k views

Top 7 Resident Evil Games

With Resident Evil 6 hitting stores later this year, it's fitting to revisit the franchise and have a look back at the games that made Resident Evil a popular name.

28 Jun 2012 Damon

gaming Dead Or Alive 5 357 views

Dead Or Alive 5 Pre-Order and Collector's Edition Announced

Fifth installment of the provocative fight franchise coming in September.

26 Jun 2012 Damon

gaming KasPic

Are DLC Fighter Characters 'Unfair'? Team Ninja Boss Says Yes

Hayashi has stressed that Team Ninja's upcoming game, Dead or Alive 5, will not feature any purchasable DLC characters.

22 Jun 2012 Damon