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I've been a film geek since childhood, and am yet to find a cure. Not an auteurist, but my favourite directors include Robert Altman, Ernst Lubitsch, Welles, Hitch and Kurosawa. I also love Powell & Pressburger movies, anything with Fred Astaire, Cary Grant or Katherine Hepburn, the space-ballet of 2001, Ealing comedies, subversive genre cinema and that bit in The Producers with the fountain.

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film pusher1 366 views

Edinburgh Film Festival - Best and Worst

After the borderline-disastrous 2011 Festival, the 66th Edinburgh Film Festival seems to have found its feet again – to a degree.

3 Jul 2012 Adam Whyte

film awomansrevenge 233 views

Edinburgh Film Festival Diary #7 - Brave, A Woman's Revenge, Life Just Is

The 66th Edinburgh International Film Festival wound down yesterday with closing night film Brave...

1 Jul 2012 Adam Whyte

film brave1 609 views

Edinburgh Film Festival: Brave Review

It is entertaining, funny, and even a little touching but this isn't on the same level as Wall-E or Up.

29 Jun 2012 Adam Whyte

film sexual3 3k views

Edinburgh Film Festival Diary #6 - Sexual Chronicles of a French Family & More

‘Taboo-busting’ is a phrase that is often heard in connection with Film Festivals...

28 Jun 2012 Adam Whyte

film gba2

Edinburgh Film Festival: God Bless America Review

The movie ends up coming across as a lecture, and I began to want to defend its targets even though most of them irritate me too. Couldn’t he just turn the TV off and read a book, anyway?

26 Jun 2012 Adam Whyte

film filmcalled1 199 views

Edinburgh Film Festival Diary #4 - What Is This Film Called Love?, Unconditional

This evening I attended the In Person event being held for Elliott Gould...

24 Jun 2012 Adam Whyte

film mark_tilda 567 views

Edinburgh Film Festival Diary #3 - One Mile Away, Flying Blind, Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal

Walking around Edinburgh today it almost felt like there was a Film Festival taking place – an improvement over last year, when even the city’s residents seemed oblivious to the whole thing.

23 Jun 2012 Adam Whyte

film eddie3

Edinburgh Film Festival: Eddie - The Sleepwalking Cannibal Review

I expected to have a good time at “Eddie,” and I did, but I was surprised to find I didn’t have to turn my brain off to do so.

22 Jun 2012 Adam Whyte

film friedkingershon

Edinburgh Festival Diary #2 - Pusher, Lovely Molly, Guinea Pigs, Fred

The 66th Edinburgh International Film Festival is officially under way.

21 Jun 2012 Adam Whyte

film 2pusher 233 views

Edinburgh Film Festival: Pusher Review

Perhaps the plot is broad enough that it all comes down to the method, and whether you’ve seen the original or not this is a well made, suspenseful and perversely entertaining movie.

20 Jun 2012 Adam Whyte

film lm

Edinburgh Film Festival: Lovely Molly Review

No matter how hard the actors try, in Lovely Molly the characters are only ever what the script and plot requires them to be until the next ‘Boo!’

20 Jun 2012 Adam Whyte

film killer joe review 910 views

Edinburgh Film Festival: Killer Joe Review

It may offend you, it may irritate and confuse you; it may make you laugh, it may make you squirm; it may seem like an intelligent satire or a tasteless comedy, or it may do none of the above. But if it makes you fall asleep, you may want to seek therapy.

19 Jun 2012 Adam Whyte

film EdinburghFF_2012_Poster 66 views

Edinburgh International Film Festival Diary #1

Although the programme isn’t ostensibly the most exciting I’ve seen, the Festival in general does seem to have a better balance this year between its need to make money and sell tickets.

18 Jun 2012 Adam Whyte

film pim2 67 views

Blu-ray Review: Passport to Pimlico - Welcome Addition to Studio Canal's Ealing Collection

The disc is something of a disappointment, especially when compared to Kind Hearts and Coronets, but any fan of Ealing should own and treasure this movie.

12 Jun 2012 Adam Whyte

film prom3 4k views

Prometheus And The Alien Prequel Problem

Why Prometheus, and no doubt its sequels, will gradually ruin the Alien prequel that has existed in your head for years.

6 Jun 2012 Adam Whyte