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Alex was about to write a short biography, but he got distracted by something shiny instead.

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4 Potential RPG's That Would Be A License To Print Money

The creators would be raking it in if these hit the shelves...

2 May 2015 Alex Antliff

tv Fantasy Flight Games (A Wiki Of Ice And Fire) 25k views

Game Of Thrones: 5 Key Characters That Appear To Have Been Cut From Season 5

The upcoming season will feel strange to book readers without these guys...

7 Apr 2015 Alex Antliff

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5 Best American Cable Networks For Original Programming

Without these, we'd still be living in a world filled almost nothing but procedural dramas.

4 Apr 2015 Alex Antliff

gaming Rockstar 49k views

GTA VI: 10 International Locations That Could Be Used

It's time to take GTA overseas.

12 Feb 2015 Alex Antliff

wwe 32k views

11 Head-Scratchingly Long WWE Royal Rumble Performances

Whose decision was it to make these guys last for so long?

23 Jan 2015 Alex Antliff

gaming Sony Computer Entertainment 16k views

10 Most Enjoyable Set-Pieces In The Uncharted Trilogy

Leaping between moving jeeps or hanging out the back of an airplane?

8 Dec 2014 Alex Antliff

tv John Lewis 1k views

Ranking The John Lewis Christmas Adverts

The true meaning of Christmas.

1 Dec 2014 Alex Antliff

gaming Square-Enix 9k views

5 Final Fantasy Henchmen (That Were Better Characters Than Their Employers)

It's not always the big boss that carries the most interest.

16 Oct 2014 Alex Antliff

gaming Naughty Dog 104k views

Ranking Every Naughty Dog Game From Worst To Best

The definitive list!

15 Sep 2014 Alex Antliff

film Universal Pictures 5k views

Remembering Richard Attenborough: 6 Defining Career Moments

The world lost a true cinematic legend on Sunday.

27 Aug 2014 Alex Antliff

wwe 32k views

Predicting Next 7 NXT Call Ups To WWE Roster

An examination of who is available to plug gaps in the main roster and make a name for themselves.

12 Aug 2014 Alex Antliff

tv AMC 24k views

8 Reasons Why TV Is Better Than Ever

Have you ever stopped to realise just how well we've got it right now?

13 Jul 2014 Alex Antliff

gaming Cringeyuna2 20k views

10 Cringeworthy Final Fantasy Moments

From heroic sacrifices and tearjerking tragedies to triumphant victories and dramatic revelations.

23 Jun 2014 Alex Antliff

tv HBO 121k views

Game Of Thrones: 8 Characters Who Should Get POVs In The Winds Of Winter

Spoilers for all five books follow, naturally.

19 May 2014 Alex Antliff

tv 24renee 10k views

24 Most Memorable Deaths From 24

Spoilers follow, obviously.

9 May 2014 Alex Antliff

film Vforvendetta 32k views

15 Films That Hated London

London has sure taken a beating over the years.

5 May 2014 Alex Antliff

film the playlist 13k views

Star Wars 7: What You Should Watch To Familiarise Yourself With The New Cast Members

Don't even think about casting judgment until you have seen their work.

30 Apr 2014 Alex Antliff

gaming Streetsofrage 24k views

5 Great Video Game Genres That Have All But Died

We mourn the loss of the side scrolling beat 'em up!

24 Mar 2014 Alex Antliff