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Alex was about to write a short biography, but he got distracted by something shiny instead.

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gaming Konami 9k views

8 Seemingly Forgotten Video Games That Need To Be Revived

Move over Call of Duty, we want to play online Destruction Derby!

9 Jan 2016 Alex Antliff

wwe 32k views

4 Minor Changes That Would Improve The WWE Network

These little efforts would make such the difference.

16 Nov 2015 Alex Antliff

gaming Nintendo 34k views

10 Little-Known Decisions That Changed The Course Of Gaming History

Thank the gaming gods Pokémon's creator didn't accept being told his idea "wouldn't work".

8 Oct 2015 Alex Antliff

wwe 35k views

4 Wrestling Talents That NXT Dropped The Ball On

Could these guys have been headlining Takeovers if things had gone differently?

2 Sep 2015 Alex Antliff

tv HBO 81k views

15 Dead Game Of Thrones Characters (That Are Still Alive In The Books)

And you thought George RR Martin was blood-thirsty...

27 Aug 2015 Alex Antliff

gaming Rocksteady 48k views

15 Batman Arkham Series Elements That Would Make Future Films Great

Should future films take inspiration from one of the greatest game series of the modern era?

31 Jul 2015 Alex Antliff

film Paramount Pictures 15k views

10 Recent 'Reboots' Of 80s/90s Classics (That Were Nowhere Near As Good As Jurassic World)

Do they deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as their originals?

11 Jul 2015 Alex Antliff

tv HBO 23k views

6 Missing Game Of Thrones Characters That Should Return In Season 6

There's plenty of room for them after THAT finale...

16 Jun 2015 Alex Antliff

sport Matthew Ashton/EMPICS Sport 18k views

Manchester United's Greatest 23-Man Squad Of The Premier League Era

23 years in the Premier League. 23 brilliant players.

3 Jun 2015 Alex Antliff

gaming Nintendo 11k views

4 Potential RPG's That Would Be A License To Print Money

The creators would be raking it in if these hit the shelves...

2 May 2015 Alex Antliff

tv Fantasy Flight Games (A Wiki Of Ice And Fire) 26k views

Game Of Thrones: 5 Key Characters That Appear To Have Been Cut From Season 5

The upcoming season will feel strange to book readers without these guys...

7 Apr 2015 Alex Antliff

tv homeland1-articleLarge 10k views

5 Best American Cable Networks For Original Programming

Without these, we'd still be living in a world filled almost nothing but procedural dramas.

4 Apr 2015 Alex Antliff

gaming Rockstar 49k views

GTA VI: 10 International Locations That Could Be Used

It's time to take GTA overseas.

12 Feb 2015 Alex Antliff

wwe 33k views

11 Head-Scratchingly Long WWE Royal Rumble Performances

Whose decision was it to make these guys last for so long?

23 Jan 2015 Alex Antliff

gaming Sony Computer Entertainment 18k views

10 Most Enjoyable Set-Pieces In The Uncharted Trilogy

Leaping between moving jeeps or hanging out the back of an airplane?

8 Dec 2014 Alex Antliff

tv John Lewis 2k views

Ranking The John Lewis Christmas Adverts

The true meaning of Christmas.

1 Dec 2014 Alex Antliff

gaming Square-Enix 9k views

5 Final Fantasy Henchmen (That Were Better Characters Than Their Employers)

It's not always the big boss that carries the most interest.

16 Oct 2014 Alex Antliff

gaming Naughty Dog 163k views

Ranking Every Naughty Dog Game From Worst To Best

The definitive list!

15 Sep 2014 Alex Antliff