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film texas killing fields


Masterfully told and compelling crime film that stars Sam Worthington and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as two detectives investigating a series of unsolved murders in Texas, directed by Michael Mann's daughter.

9 Sep 2011 Andrea Pasquettin

film Picture 9

Venice 2011 Review: William Friedkin's KILLER JOE

What can I say? William Friedkin's new movie Killer Joe is one of the best films I have seen from a rather disappointing or at least underwhelming bunch of efforts from this year's Venice Film Festival.

8 Sep 2011 Andrea Pasquettin

film 44 last days

Venice 2011 Review: 4:44 LAST DAY ON EARTH

The concept is simple: at 4:44 am Eastern Time the world will come to an end. This time all the scientists agree, there is no escape. So what would you do with your last hours of your life? Who would you spend that time with?

8 Sep 2011 Andrea Pasquettin

film himizu_4

Venice 2011 Rview: HIMIZU

It definitely serves the purpose of shocking the audience and forces us to think about our relationships as human beings and the fact that maybe some things we give for granted, like the love of a mother towards his children, may not be axiomatic in some families.

7 Sep 2011 Andrea Pasquettin

film shame review

Venice 2011 Review: Steve McQueen's SHAME

Steve McQueen presents in Venice his second feature Shame, a journey into one man's sexual perversions and sickness, starring Michael Fassbender & Carey Mulligan.

4 Sep 2011 Andrea Pasquettin

film wildsalome

Venice 2011 Review: Al Pacino's WILDE SALOME

Wilde Salome becomes the compelling story of Pacino's obsession about Oscar Wilde and Salome, about this great story of love and passion, but also of revenge and hatred.

4 Sep 2011 Andrea Pasquettin

film we reb 1k views

Venice 2011 Review: Madonna's W.E.

W.E. magically intertwines present and past & reality and fiction for the two-tiered romantic drama of a 90's New York trophy wife comparing her romance to that of King Edward VIII and American socialite Wallis Simpson.

1 Sep 2011 Andrea Pasquettin

film polanski carnage

Venice 2011 Review: Roman Polanski's CARNAGE

Comedy, drama, social issues, family and love. All the good ingredients for a good story and Roman Polanski's wickedly clever and devilish drama certainly doesn't disappoint.

1 Sep 2011 Andrea Pasquettin

film gvenic

Venice 2011 Review: ¡Vivan las antipodas!

It's a great idea, a simple but interesting concept. An old curiosity: what would happen if we dig a deep hole in the ground and then jump into it and appear on the other side of the world, to the antipodes of where we live?

1 Sep 2011 Andrea Pasquettin