Baz Greenland

South Glamorgan, United Kingdom

A writer for since May 2013, I also regularly write for . I wrote two plays for the Greater Manchester Horror Fringe in 2013, the first an adaption of Simon Clark's 'Swallowing A Dirty Seed' and my own original sci-fi horror play 'Centurion', which had an 8/10* review from Starburst magazine! ( I also wrote an episode for online comedy series Supermarket Matters in 2012. I aim to achieve my goal for writing for television (and get my novels published) but in the meantime I'll continue to write about those TV shows I love! Follow me on Twitter @BazGreenland and like my Facebook page

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10 Greatest Cliffhangers In Movie Franchise History

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20 Greatest Season Cliffhangers In TV History

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Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor's 15 Greatest Stories

When he was good, he was very, very good!

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The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies - 10 Reasons It's A Great Adaptation

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Doctor Who: 10 Predictions For The 10th Anniversary Of NuWho

What's in store for 2015?

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10 Movie Trailers That Ruled 2014

Dinosaurs, the Hulkbuster, Rocket Racoon and the Millennium Falcon... set excitement levels to 500%!!!

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10 Best Doctor Who Episodes For New Fans

Want to get your friends and family into Doctor Who? Try these out for size.

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10 Moments Of Ridiculously Smart Foreshadowing In The MCU

From Doctor Strange to the Infinity Wars, the clues are already out there.

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Doctor Who: All Doctors Ranked From Worst To Best

Allons-y. Or should that be Geronimo?

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Star Wars: 10 Best Characters From Only One Movie

The travesty of Darth Maul getting one Star Wars film and Jar Jar getting three...

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11 Characters The Hobbit Trilogy Nailed

From returning faces to new characters; it isn't just Martin Freeman that steals the show.

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Doctor Who: 10 Big Questions After Death In Heaven

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10 Chilling TV Title Sequences That Will Keep You Up At Night

WARNING: Contains mannequins, clowns and the darkest depths of your imagination...

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Doctor Who: 10 Big Revelations We Learned In Dark Water

This week we learned that death isn't the end, just the start of something terrible...

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