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Relentless traveller whose writing encompasses music, film, art, literature & history. ASOIAF connoisseur.

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Game Of Thrones: 6 Ways It Was Almost Unrecognisable

It was almost a completely different game.

16 Mar 2015 Benjamin Taylor

music Holy Fire 1k views

Foals - Holy Fire Review

12 Feb 2013 Benjamin Taylor

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8 Reasons Why The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Is My Favourite Movie Of 2012

Tolkien fanatic Benji Taylor explains why An Unexpected Journey is his favourite movie of 2012

17 Dec 2012 Benjamin Taylor

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Game Of Thrones: 7 Clues To The True Parentage of Jon Snow

A Boy of Ice and Fire: Benji Taylor speculates on the true parentage of Jon Snow.

16 Nov 2012 Benjamin Taylor

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The Dark Knight Rises: 6 Themes That Define The Movie

Benji Taylor examines the underlying themes of Christopher Nolan’s final thematically rich installment of the Dark Knight saga.

24 Jul 2012 Benjamin Taylor

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Prometheus: Damon Lindelof & Jon Spaihts Confirm “36 Hours” Was NOT Scripted

Wow, the “36 hours” controversy in Prometheus just won’t die down!

18 Jul 2012 Benjamin Taylor

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Prometheus: 8 Key Themes In Understanding The Film

In his third and final "Answering the Titan" article, Benji Taylor explores the key themes in Prometheus.

17 Jul 2012 Benjamin Taylor

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Prometheus Writer Jon Spaihts Confirms "36 Hours" Plot-Hole Was Deliberate

A commonly cited "plot-hole" amongst Prometheus detractors is David 8's "36 hours" moment...

12 Jul 2012 Benjamin Taylor