Chris Haigh

West Yorkshire, United States

Leeds native, film fanatic, TV obsessive and relentless pop music fan. Sings off-key at any chance.

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20 Life-Saving Things You Look Forward To At The Weekend

It only comes once a week after all...

20 May 2015 Chris Haigh

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20 Incredibly Simple Swaps That Will Change Your LIfe

Real books not face books.

15 Feb 2015 Chris Haigh

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James Bond: 10 Bond Girls Who Became Massive Stars

Sometimes being 007's arm candy just doesn't cut it...

27 Jan 2015 Chris Haigh

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American Horror Story: 10 Scariest Moments

Asylums and slaughter and killer clowns, oh my...

17 Dec 2014 Chris Haigh

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10 Sure-Fire Signs You're Turning Into Your Mother

Let's pray you're going more Marge Simpson than Norma Bates...

17 Nov 2014 Chris Haigh

20 Absolute Worst Things About Being Unemployed

It's not all video games, sleeping in, and existential Starbucks chats, you know...

16 Oct 2014 Chris Haigh

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18 Problems Only Over-Thinkers Will Understand

Worried people will judge you for reading this article? Come on in, over-thinkers...

18 Sep 2014 Chris Haigh

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20 Problems Only Crafty People Will Understand

It's not easy being crafty, people...

12 Aug 2014 Chris Haigh

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10 Common Nightmares (And What They Actually Mean)

Including the one where you turn up to work with no pants on...

28 May 2014 Chris Haigh

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Prometheus 2: 10 Questions The Film Needs To Answer

A sequel's been announced, but will it tie up the many, many loose ends of its predecessor?

8 Apr 2014 Chris Haigh

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7 Awesome Things People Try To Give Up For Lent (And Always Fail)

Because why would you give up everything you love?

11 Mar 2014 Chris Haigh