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TV Review: Episodes 2.8

It’s the penultimate visit to Episodes and things may never be the same again.

2 Jul 2012 Chris Suffield

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TV Review: Episodes 2.7

There have been a couple of occasions in this series where the concept felt strained, but with such dedication to character development and winning performances a strained concept can be forgiven.

23 Jun 2012 Chris Suffield

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TV Review: Episodes 2.6

When the creators get the right balance, Episodes is a real gem of a show but it’s been an uneven series so far.

17 Jun 2012 Chris Suffield


TV Review: Episodes 2.4

After a couple of drama heavy installments, this week the right balance between comedy and drama is found.

2 Jun 2012 Chris Suffield


TV Review: Episodes 2.3

Who knew that the inner office politics of what to get your boss when his father dies was such a strategic operation?

27 May 2012 Chris Suffield

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TV Review: Episodes 2.2

After a solid start to last week’s opening installment, this second helping struggles to find its footing but still manages to be very entertaining.

21 May 2012 Chris Suffield

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TV Review: Dirk Gently Series 1.3

The final investigation in the first series sees Dirk in hot water, somebody is killing his former clients and our intrepid hero is the only thing that connects them all.

20 Mar 2012 Chris Suffield