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Chris Swanson is a freelance writer and blogger based in Phoenix, Arizona, where winter happens to other people. His blog is at

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Doctor Who: Remembering The First Doctor's Companions

The ones who started it all.

6 Mar 2015 Chris Swanson

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Doctor Who - An Interview With Colin Baker catches up with the sixth doctor!

15 Dec 2014 Chris Swanson

tv Doctor Who Unmade 15k views

Doctor Who: Top 8 Unmade Stories

Sometimes it's painful to think about what could have been.

21 Jun 2014 Chris Swanson

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Doctor Who: 5 Best And 5 Worst Companion Send-Offs

The great, good and grim of the TARDIS's revolving door policy.

18 Jun 2014 Chris Swanson

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7 Doctor Who Mysteries That Will Never Be Solved

Don't expect an answer to whether The Doctor is half human or not anytime soon.

10 Jun 2014 Chris Swanson

Doctor Who - 5 Giant Servings Of Ham

1 Apr 2014 Chris Swanson

tv Has The Smuggler been found? 11k views

Doctor Who Exclusive: The Smugglers Missing Episode Has Been Found?

It features pirates and takes place in Cornwall. And it's been lost for years.

13 Mar 2014 Chris Swanson

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Doctor Who: 5 Ways The 12th Doctor's Era Should Be Like The 3rd's (And 1 Way It Shouldn't)

Capaldi's shaping up to be a bit Pertwee-esque, so here's some handy tips if he chooses to go down that garishly-dressed path. Note: does not include Venusian Aikido.

13 Feb 2014 Chris Swanson