music boss1 2k views

Bruce Springsteen - A Letter to the People of the Future

The reason that 'The Boss' is so great (don't question it, just accept) is because the world is full of idiocy.

15 Sep 2012 Colin Dray

gaming Cave paintings 331 views

Why Video Games Communicate Human Experience Like No Other Medium

Video games are capable of communicating the fundamental truth of human experiences in ways that no other medium can.

9 Sep 2012 Colin Dray

gaming Mass Effect 3 5k views

Mass Effect 3: Why I Didn't Like The Ending

So, is everyone sick to death of people talking about the end of Mass Effect 3?

25 Aug 2012 Colin Dray

tv AMC 2k views

Why Don Draper Is: Season 5 of Mad Men

The question of exactly how far Don Draper has changed, or in what direction this alteration will lead him, awaits a definitive answer.

19 Aug 2012 Colin Dray

tv sherlock-dvd-3 3k views

BBC's Sherlock: The Great Detective's Most Faithful Adaptation

Or: Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of the Ten-Foot Blue Dudes.

11 Aug 2012 Colin Dray

gaming mass effect 3 1k views

Colin Moriarty and the 'Dangers' of Political Correctness

Everyone shut up so I can hear myself decide what art is!

29 Jul 2012 Colin Dray

gaming lara croft reborn 3k views

Scraping Lara Croft Off The "Boot" Of Her Gaming Reboot

Crystal Dynamics may want us to empathise with their re-imagined titular character but this should not necessitate gratuitously stripping her of the agency and drive that define her as a hero.

21 Jul 2012 Colin Dray

tv community season 4 826 views

Community Season 4 and Why It's A Show Worth Celebrating

In its first three miraculous seasons, Community has proved itself to be one of the most precious shows ever put to air.

14 Jul 2012 Colin Dray

gaming la noire 1k views

Why Roger Ebert Was Wrong - Video Games Can Be Art

Everyone ready for a self-indulgent rant?

7 Jul 2012 Colin Dray

gaming mass effect 3 18k views

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut - A Disappointed Fan Responds

Bioware disabused me of my misconception that I was even part of their vision.

30 Jun 2012 Colin Dray

gaming Mass Effect 3 4k views

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut - Why Endings Matter

No self-respecting human being who has any sense of the history of narrative can ever claim that endings do not matter...

26 Jun 2012 Colin Dray

comics batman mythologyu 2k views

Batman & the New Gods of the Super-Heroic

'Lord, What Fools These Mortals Be'.

15 Jun 2012 Colin Dray

gaming mass effect 3 8k views

Mass Effect 3 and the Art of Criticism

One of the few upsides of the whole Mass Effect 3 ending controversy has been that it has offered a unique opportunity to explore the nature of videogames as an art form...

7 Jun 2012 Colin Dray