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I am a student studying Media, Writing & Production at the University of Bolton. Film/TV/Reading+Writing enthusiast.

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The Mentalist Season 5: Press Release And Promotional Photos

CBS has released both the official press release and promotional photos ahead of The Mentalist's season 5 premiere.

22 Aug 2012 Connor Davey

tv The_Mentalist_Wallpaper_by_FreyaBigg 16k views

5 Reasons To Be Excited For The Mentalist Season 5

Ahead of the season premiere next month on CBS.

7 Aug 2012 Connor Davey

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Killing Them Softly: Watch The Trailer For Brad Pitt's Latest

The latest trailer for the much anticipated second collaboration between Brad Pitt and writer/director Andrew Dominik, 'Killing Them Softly', has been released.

3 Aug 2012 Connor Davey

tv PER 386 views

TV Review: Perception 1.2, 'Faces'

'Faces' improved vastly on one of my main two gripes with last week's outing.

18 Jul 2012 Connor Davey

tv percei 466 views

TV Review: Perception 1.1, 'Pilot'

A unique and compelling character and some interesting thematic and visual aspects make this a crime drama to keep an eye on.

11 Jul 2012 Connor Davey

tv emmy awards 5k views

Emmy Awards: 15 Deserved Nominations That (Probably) Won't Happen

Some of these have a chance at a nomination, some no chance at all and others somewhere in-between.

8 Jul 2012 Connor Davey

tv emmy awards 1k views

Emmy Awards: Why They Unfairly Stigmatize The Procedural Drama

The Emmys have found their comfort zone, which is unfortunate - how can an award that is supposed to celebrate TV's unlimited excellence seem so limited?

27 Jun 2012 Connor Davey

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TV Review: Rizzoli & Isles 3.03, 'This Is How a Heart Breaks'

Heartbreak was the name of the game this week, and there was plenty for Detective Jane Rizzoli to mull over.

23 Jun 2012 Connor Davey

tv 061412rizzles14

TV Review: Rizzoli and Isles 3.2, 'Dirty Little Secret'

I said in last weeks season premiere review that Iā€™d like at least another episode of the Rizzoli & Isles fallout.

18 Jun 2012 Connor Davey

tv Rizzoli-Isles 866 views

TV Review: Rizzoli & Isles 3.1, 'What Doesn't Kill You'

My favourite summer show 'Rizzoli & Isles' has returned for its 3rd season, in an episode that perfectly blended some well written drama with the shows trademark humour.

7 Jun 2012 Connor Davey

tv MEN7? 6k views

TV Recap/Review: The Mentalist 4.24, 'The Crimson Hat'

After another brilliant season of The Mentalist, the annual finale once again promised intensity and excitement ā€“ and once again it delivered just that.

6 Jun 2012 Connor Davey