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Danny is a consultant, writer & journalist from London into what he describes as a "little bit of everything". He has been into literature, photography & the arts since his teenage years, and has also ended up fluent in French after just over a decade of exposure to the Anglo-French culture of L'Île Maurice. He has an avid interest in psychology, neuroscience, the arts, and his city, London. To find out more about his writings, artwork and other updates, please feel free to visit his website ( or follow him on Twitter (@DannyDPurb)

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Arsenal News: PSG Ready £30m For Wenger

20 Jan 2013 Danny J. DPurb

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GTA V: 10 Reasons You'd Be Insane Not To Play

Whether you’re the type to buy all the games at launch or the type to look for a bargain, GTA V should be a box on your shelf.

24 Sep 2012 Danny J. DPurb