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Breaking Bad Season 5 Poster & Promo Released

Walter White returns as Breaking Bad Season Five: Part One premieres July 15th on AMC.

Breaking Bad Season 5 Premieres July 15th

It's time to celebrate by snorting some meth off a Bowie knife Tuco Style!

TV Review: Community Finale 3.20, 3.21 & 3.22

NBC rounded off season 3 of their best sitcom with a triple bill, ‘Digital Estate Planning’, ‘The First Chang Dynasty’ and ‘Introduction to Finality’.…

God Bless America Review: Bob Goldthwait Holds Mirror to American Society

Bobcat Goldthwait is fast establishing himself as one of America’s best and boldest cult directors with his third feature, and the comedy continues to grow darker and darker.…

TV Review: Parks & Recreation Finale 4.22, ‘Win, Lose or Draw’

The ballots are open in the season finale and it’s up to Pawnee to decide who their new councilman is...…

TV Review: Community 3.19 ‘Curriculum Unavailable’

Community goes back to the well this week to strike gold with another fake clip show episode.

TV Review: Parks & Recreation 4.21, ‘Bus Tour’

Leslie is on the home stretch of the campaign in this seasons penultimate episode as her and the parks crew do one last day of campaigning in Pawnee.…

TV Review: Community 3.18, ‘Course Listing Unavailable’

Community delved further into darker territory this week following the ending of last week's episode in which we learn Star-Burns had perished when a meth lab in the trunk of his car exploded.…

TV Review: Parks & Recreation 4.20, ‘The Debate’

Amy Poehler does it all this week on Parks & Rec in both starring, writing and directing this episode, and it’s one of the strongest of the season.…

TV Review: Community 3.17, ‘Basic Lupine Urology’

All the tedious romantic plots and sentiment are put on the back burner this week as Community delves straight back into another concept episode, the highly anticipated ‘Law & Order’ parody.…