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East Sussex, United States

David is a film critic, writer and blogger for WhatCulture and a few other sites including his own, Follow him on twitter @yakfilm

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film tony scott 12k views

Tony Scott - 15 Kick Ass Scenes To Remember Him By

The cinematic landscape would have been a far more boring place over the last 30 years if it wasn’t for Anthony David “Tony” Scott.

24 Aug 2012 David Howland

film batman1 64k views

The Dark Knight Rises - 10 Things We Are Still Talking About

As The Dust Begins To Settle…

16 Aug 2012 David Howland

film main 36k views

Natalie Portman: 5 Awesome Performances and 5 That Sucked

In celebration of the newlywed Miss. Portman, here are 5 performances that ruled and 5 that just didn't.

8 Aug 2012 David Howland

film the others 95k views

13 Famous Movies You Didn't Realise Were Shameless Rip-offs

Ever watch a film and think, “hey, I’m sure I’ve seen this before”?

2 Aug 2012 David Howland

film jeong

Ken Jeong Set For Extended Role in The Hangover 3

Mr Chow will be getting more than just a cameo in the soon to be shooting threequel.

13 Jul 2012 David Howland

film vacation 166 views

Ed Helms in Vacation Reboot

Will play Rusty Griswold's now grown-up son in the first Vacation feature film since 1997's Vegas Vacation.

12 Jul 2012 David Howland

film The Dark Knight Riese 64k views

After The Dark Knight Rises: 10 Actors Who Should Play Batman in Reboot

10 actors who should take the Batman mantle in Warner Bros' inevitable reboot.

7 Jul 2012 David Howland

film row 12k views

5 Reasons To Get Excited About The Man With The Iron Fists

Here are just five reasons to get excited, and no, Eli Roth’s involvement isn’t one of them.

5 Jul 2012 David Howland

film Star Trek 2k views

Star Trek 2 Title Is 75% Likely To Include Words 'Star Trek'

Noel Clarke reveals he knows the title but isn't sure if his character will make it to the final cut.

5 Jul 2012 David Howland

sport meireles 1k views

Tottenham Transfer News: Villas-Boas To Get £70 Million Budget?

Spurs’ aspirations are high, and rightly so, but without Champions League football to look forward to, will they be able to target the calibre of player expectations demand?

5 Jul 2012 David Howland

Newcastle United Transfer News: Debuchy Move Edges Closer?

Reports have reignited the ongoing saga regarding the possible transfer of the French full-back to St. James' Park.

5 Jul 2012 David Howland

Arsenal Transfer News: Huntelaar is Van Persie Replacement?

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar could be the man to fill Robin Van Persie’s boots.

5 Jul 2012 David Howland

film The Art of Prometheus 3k views

Prometheus: The Gift and the Curse of Alien

With Alien comes expectation but without it, the film wouldn't have been made...

1 Jul 2012 David Howland

film aa 2k views

The Amazing Spider-Man Extended Trailer Review

"The Amazing Spider-Man" isn’t Spider-Man 4, more Spider-Man 1.2.

16 May 2012 David Howland