Edward Owen

Shropshire, United Kingdom

Durham University graduate and qualified sports journalist. Very good at sitting down and watching things. Can multi-task this with playing computer games. Football Manager addict who has taken Shrewsbury Town to the summit of the Premier League. You can follow me at @Ed_OwenUK, if you like ramblings about Newcastle United and A Place in the Sun. If you don't, I don't know what I can do for you.

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Football Manager 2015: 10 Essential Fan Demands It Must Include

If we're going to be addicted, let it be on our own terms.

28 Jun 2014 Edward Owen

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Game Of Thrones Season 4: 10 Actors Who Knocked It Out The Park

A rundown of the MVPs on GOT.

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9 Stupidly Risky Plans From TV's Most Notorious Villains

Triumph and disaster can often be just a hair's breadth apart...

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Comics Section Editor/Reporter – WhatCulture Is Hiring!

Must be able to work from our Newcastle office.

25 Apr 2014 Edward Owen

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Locke: 10 Reasons It's The Most Awesome Boring Film You'll Ever See

Who would've guessed that 80 minutes of Tom Hardy driving would be so riveting?

24 Apr 2014 Edward Owen

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Transcendence Review: 10 Reasons It Sucks

Or, why Johnny Depp becoming an iPad isn't as much fun as it sounds.

22 Apr 2014 Edward Owen

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10 Changes That Would Have Improved The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The web-slinger's new effort is good but flawed. Here's how it could have been great...

22 Apr 2014 Edward Owen

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Jamie Foxx: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

With him now shocking it up in theatres as Electro, we look back at Jamie Foxx's career.

18 Apr 2014 Edward Owen

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Game Of Thrones: Joffrey's 10 Most Slappable Acts Of Dickery

Reliving the most slap-deserving moments of everyone's least favourite blond-haired douchetrumpet.

14 Apr 2014 Edward Owen

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22 Types Of Game Of Thrones Fans You Might Meet

For the fanbase is vast, and full of terrors...

12 Apr 2014 Edward Owen

tv Valar Morghulis 4k views

Game Of Thrones: 19 New Posters Released In Anticipation Of Season 4

With the new season premiering in April, the hype machine's starting to go into overdrive...

26 Feb 2014 Edward Owen

tv KVTA 3k views

Samuel L. Jackson Destroys Reporter Who Mistook Him For Laurence Fishburne

"I've had it with these m*****f*****' journalists on this m*****f*****' show!" – Samuel L. Jackson, presumably.

11 Feb 2014 Edward Owen