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Festivals coordinator with a big heart for video games!

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gaming Hitman Damnation 171 views

Hitman: Damnation Novel Information Released

Raymond Benson scribed novel set for Summer 2012 release.

25 Jan 2012 Emily Kay

gaming Hitman Profession

Hitman: Profession - Square Enix File For Trademark

Are Square Enix set to follow up this year's Hitman: Absolution with the far less exciting sounding Profession?

3 Jan 2012 Emily Kay

Hitman: Absolution – “A Personal Contract” VGA 2011 Trailer

Watch IO Interactive's brand new Glacier 2 show-case trailer for Hitman: Absolution

17 Dec 2011 Emily Kay

gaming Hitman Absolution 1k views

Hitman Absolution: A Hatful of Trailers

We bring you the first three trailers celebrating the upcoming 2012 release of IO Interactive's Hitman: Absolution.

15 Dec 2011 Emily Kay

gaming NFS The Run Header 717 views

Need For Speed: The Run Review [XBox 360]

EA Black Box's prolific franchise continues with a high concept, though comparatively low execution level driver: Gran Turismo it ain't, but it's definitely one to consider for the rainy days.

13 Dec 2011 Emily Kay