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gaming archangel_teaser_logo_by_acavyos-d5g8xvq 3k views

Mass Effect: New Fan-Film "Archangel" Is Coming Soon

Even though Mass Effect's movie is long from being released, I have found the next best thing...

18 Jan 2013 James Moore

film 304260-mass-effect-windows-screenshot-title-screens 2k views

Should Mass Effect Become A 'Live-Action' Movie?

Mass Effect has become a critically-acclaimed series over eight years of fighting the Reapers and has even been described as a contender to Star Wars, but is a 'live-action' movie the best move for the franchise?

29 Sep 2012 James Moore

tv sherlockwatson_nosologeeks 45k views

Sherlock Season 3: 5 Things We Want To See

We're just under a year away until Sherlock returns to our screens and with little being given away about what's set to happen, we list the 5 things we want to see come Autumn 2013!!!

27 Sep 2012 James Moore