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Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

Frequent Writer, Occasional Musician. An irreverent, opinionated northern gent with a love of all things film and television. Follow me on Twitter @Johno_Patterson

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12 Awesome Animated Films For Adults

Who said cartoons were just for kids?

27 Jan 2016 Johno Patterson

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10 Stupidly Risky Plans From TV's Most Notorious Villains

Even the best villains have off days.

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10 Must-Read Comic Book Christmas Specials

Costumes, cartoonish behaviour and fighting. How perfectly festive.

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12 Upcoming Comic Book Movie Villains We Can’t Wait To See

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15 Great Movie Villains Who Totally Stole The Show

Everyone has enemies, if only they were as interesting as these guys.

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Star Wars: 10 Actors' Roles That Ruin Their Classic Character

Things may never seem the same again in that galaxy far, far away.

2 Oct 2015 Johno Patterson

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10 TV Villains You Didn't Realise Actually Won

Most stories end with the hero saving the day and vanquishing the villain - how terribly boring.

23 Jul 2015 Johno Patterson

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6 Movie Characters Who Are Nothing Like They Are In The Book

Think Pennywise just turned into a clown? Think again.

18 Jun 2015 Johno Patterson

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10 "Important" Movie Characters Who Were Mere Plot Devices

Yep, some of your favourite characters are little more than glorified exposition-dispensers.

24 Mar 2014 Johno Patterson

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10 Movie Villains You Didn't Realise Actually Won

Think the heroes of these films got the last laugh? Think again.

21 Jan 2014 Johno Patterson

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10 New Year's Resolutions For 2013's Biggest Movie Characters

Stop drinking, change jobs, be a better person... All to be forgotten by January 6th.

2 Jan 2014 Johno Patterson

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10 Most Intimidating Movie Henchmen Of All Time

It's time to give those who do the dirty work their day in the sun.

28 Dec 2013 Johno Patterson

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10 Most Oblivious TV Law Enforcers

If these guys are the Police's best and brightest, god knows who they bust down to traffic.

24 Dec 2013 Johno Patterson

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10 Reasons James Bond Is A Terrible Spy

Did you hear that Britain employs a mentally ill, outdated, incompetent alcoholic as one of their top agents? Don't you think that's terrifying?

20 Dec 2013 Johno Patterson

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10 Reasons To Be Excited About Telltale's Game Of Thrones Video Game

Start dreaming of a game that will be even better than The Walking Dead...

16 Dec 2013 Johno Patterson

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10 Dark British Comedy TV Shows That Must Be Seen

If you are easily offended or have a nervous disposition, a lot of these shows are probably not for you.

13 Dec 2013 Johno Patterson

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South Park Parodies Game Of Thrones: The 15 Best Bits

After the recent epic South Park trilogy, we look back at the best parts. May involve wieners.

13 Dec 2013 Johno Patterson