Kristopher Powell

South Glamorgan, United Kingdom

Writer from Cardiff. Fan of all rebels, rogues and rascals.

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16 Alternative Must See Films Of 2016

Come find an original diamond in a franchise heavy rough...

24 Oct 2015 Kristopher Powell

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15 Alternative Must See Films Of 2015

The perfect antidotes to blockbuster-itis...

12 Jan 2015 Kristopher Powell

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9 Forgotten Film Gems You Must See Before You Die

As rewarding to watch as finding a £20 note you didn't know you had in your back pocket.

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10 Best Pound For Pound Boxers Of All Time

Who's the greatest?

9 Jul 2014 Kristopher Powell

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20 Greatest Movie Villains Played By British Actors

Nobody plays bad guys quite like the Brits.

30 May 2014 Kristopher Powell

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10 Harrowing Hollywood Portrayals Of Addiction

Join us as we cover ten different addictions ranging from alcohol and various drugs to eating disorders and murder.

29 Apr 2014 Kristopher Powell

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24 Perfectly Witty Retorts For Everyday Situations

We've all thought of the perfect thing to say after the fact, but what if you were prepared right there and then for the put-down of a lifetime?

4 Apr 2014 Kristopher Powell

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18 Manliest Things To Do In Life

Men don't 'bake' or 'whisk' or 'prepare' food. We open a bottle of beer, napalm a dead animal and then eat the hell out of it.

31 Mar 2014 Kristopher Powell

offbeat Camp Delta Guantanamo Bay Cuba 53k views

10 Most Brutal Prisons In The World

Yeah, it's probably better to be dead than inside one of these.

10 Mar 2014 Kristopher Powell

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Batman vs. Superman: 6 Justice League Spoilers Revealed

Can we already see much of the Batman vs Superman plot in the recently released Justice League animated movie?

25 Feb 2014 Kristopher Powell

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10 Despicable Movie Villains From The Last Decade We All Loved To Hate

Get ready to boo and hiss your way through this one... but love it at the same time.

20 Feb 2014 Kristopher Powell

film Vertigo 9k views

10 Alternative Comics That Would Make Killer Movies

Alternative comics have a freedom that the more mainstream comics don't, and with Hollywood being awash with goody two-shoes superheroes, we could all be in need of a change.

13 Feb 2014 Kristopher Powell

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10 Alternative Must See Anime Films

When it comes to animation; the Tellytubbies these ain't...

6 Feb 2014 Kristopher Powell

film Secret Service 41k views

10 Blockbusters Due In 2015 You Probably Haven't Heard Of

Forget Star Wars VII and The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, 2015 is going to be mega for a lot more reasons...

27 Jan 2014 Kristopher Powell

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10 Huge Hollywood Actors We All Loved (But Now Hate)

The scales of affection tip easily from one extreme to the other, and all it takes is an indiscretion or a monumentally terrible run of films to tip the balance.

21 Jan 2014 Kristopher Powell

film Columbia 39k views

10 More Tear-Jerking Moments In Incredibly Macho Movies

"Crying? No, I'm not crying! It's just a bit of onion, okay? There was onion in my popcorn!"

11 Jan 2014 Kristopher Powell

film Warner Bros 15k views

10 Best Mullets In Action Movie History

They defy logic, taste and in some cases even gravity itself.

16 Dec 2013 Kristopher Powell