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Kyle Schmidlin is a writer and musician living in Austin, TX. He manages the news blog at Follow him at or

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10 Times Steely Dan Completely Ran Out Of F**ks To Give

The band's sardonic humor match their personal lives and relationship with music establishment.

1 Dec 2015 Kyle Schmidlin

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10 Phenomenal Bands Derailed By Runaway Egos

The heartbreakers who broke each other's hearts...and lineups.

26 Jun 2014 Kyle Schmidlin

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10 Awful Trends That Are Totally Destroying Music

Need a rallying cry against mainstream pop-sheen tripe? Come on in...

6 Jun 2014 Kyle Schmidlin

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15 Brain-Twisting Concept Albums That Are Endlessly Rewarding

They get better with every listen.

21 May 2014 Kyle Schmidlin

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10 Amazing Bands Who Lost Members At The Height Of Their Potential

It's actually insane to think what the state of music would be like if these people were still with us.

6 May 2014 Kyle Schmidlin

Breaking Bad 5.15 Review - Granite State

24 Sep 2013 Kyle Schmidlin