Matt Aspin

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I like wrestling, comics and films. This obviously makes me a BIG hit with the ladies.

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Brian Kendrick Works Dark Match At WWE NXT

The Brian Kendrick to land a trainer role?

16 Dec 2014 Matt Aspin

wwe Cm Punk Jeff Jarrett 2k views

Jeff Jarrett Confirms He Reached Out To CM Punk

Jarrett offered Punk the opportunity to colour commentate Wrestling Kingdom 9 PPV.

12 Dec 2014 Matt Aspin

tv AMC 3k views

The Walking Dead Fans Petition To Bring Back Beth

36,000 signatures and counting to bring Beth back from the grave.

9 Dec 2014 Matt Aspin

gaming Chris Benoit Wwe2k15 17k views

WWE 2K15 Gamers Banned For Creating Chris Benoit

2K Games taking drastic steps against those who want to use the former World champion.

9 Dec 2014 Matt Aspin

wwe wwe 12k views

Shelton Benjamin Possibly Returning To WWE

The talented grappler could be making a comeback to WWE.

9 Dec 2014 Matt Aspin

wwe wwe 21k views

5 Big WWE Debuts That Happened At Survivor Series

Survivor Series has a rich history of hot debuts.

8 Nov 2014 Matt Aspin

wwe 3k views

Daniel Bryan To Have More Surgery

Former WWE Champion hasn't wrestled since May 4th.

29 Oct 2014 Matt Aspin

wwe Kenta Go To Sleep 99k views

5 Moves KENTA Will Not Be Allowed To Use In WWE

The irony is not lost on us...

23 Jul 2014 Matt Aspin

tv AMC 4k views

The Walking Dead Season 5 Promises "Huge Character" Death

And we may know exactly who it is supposed to be. Only read if you want to be spoiled...

4 Jun 2014 Matt Aspin

tv Fox 3k views

The Simpsons And Family Guy Cross-Over 'Simpsons Guy' Gets First Image

Homer Simpson vs Peter Griffin is finally happening!

14 May 2014 Matt Aspin

film the thing 6k views

5 Greatest Flamethrower Moments In Film

One of the most iconic weapons ever wielded on-screen, but who did it the best?

16 Feb 2014 Matt Aspin

tv AMC 10k views

Breaking Bad: The 7 Deadly Sins Of Walter White

Walter White's certainly a nasty piece of work, but just how many of the cardinal sins has he committed? Well, let's find out...

23 Dec 2013 Matt Aspin