wwe sting steve borden 3k views

Sting Talks WWE & Whether He Will Face The Undertaker

14 Oct 2012 Matt Aspin

film prometheus 2k views

Prometheus: Writer Reveals A Much Darker Original Story

11 Oct 2012 Matt Aspin

film jez 1k views

3 Real Life Events That Would Make Great Movies

So often life imitates art. Here's our list of where art could imitate life for once.

8 Oct 2012 Matt Aspin

film Scary Movie Sex Scene 81k views

5 Most Awkward Sex Scenes In Cinema History

2 Oct 2012 Matt Aspin

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5 Most Unlikely Time Travellers From Film and TV

We guess you have to be a little bit strange to travel through time. Here's our list of some of the most unlikely time travelling weirdoes.

1 Oct 2012 Matt Aspin

tv TMNT 2012 3k views

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV Show Replaces Cowabunga With "Booyakasha"

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back, they're animated and they're quoting Ali G?

30 Sep 2012 Matt Aspin

film TARDIS 4k views

5 Greatest Time Machines From Film & TV

So, you've managed to figure out how to travel through time but what are you going to use as a time machine?

30 Sep 2012 Matt Aspin

technology Ricky Gervais Face 8k views

5 Must Follow Celebs On Twitter

27 Sep 2012 Matt Aspin

tv red dwarf boys 430 views

Craig Charles Hints At Red Dwarf Doctor Who Crossover

Will we ever see the TARDIS on board Red Dwarf?

26 Sep 2012 Matt Aspin

tv the-walking-dead-season-3-banner 1k views

AMC Confirms The Walking Dead Season 4

26 Sep 2012 Matt Aspin

wwe WWE NXT Logo 11k views

WWE: 6 NXT Wrestlers Who Will Be The Future Of WWE

Here's our pick of the crop for who we expect to see on RAW/Smackdown soon enough.

24 Sep 2012 Matt Aspin

wwe wwe.com 10k views

10 Best Heels In WWE

In 2012 - the age of the Superstar - who is the WWE's best heel?

17 Sep 2012 Matt Aspin

wwe John Cena vs CM Punk NOC 12 2k views

WWE Night Of Champions Preview & Predictions

WWE Night of Champions 2012 Preview and Predictions as John Cena Battles CM Punk ... again!

16 Sep 2012 Matt Aspin

music HMV Chris Brown 2k views

HMV Sells Chris Brown Album With 'Woman Beater' Stickers On Them

Advisory stickers appear on controversial singer's 'Fortune' album in London HMV stores.

16 Sep 2012 Matt Aspin

film Thor 2 3k views

Thor 2: The Dark World Spoilers - A Major Marvel Universe Character Will Die?

The rumour mill is in full, mischievous swing as filming on the Thor sequel continues in the UK.

15 Sep 2012 Matt Aspin

film Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Toy Story 18k views

10 Greatest Pixar Characters Ever

We delve into the Disney vaults and bring to you our list of the 10 greatest Pixar characters so far.

13 Sep 2012 Matt Aspin

film the-dark-knight-rises1_4ff8249addf2b34009003ff1 2k views

The Dark Knight Rises Extended Director's Cut - Denied By Chris Nolan

Batman director nips extended Blu-ray and DVD release rumours in the bud.

13 Sep 2012 Matt Aspin

wwe jerry lawler 989 views

Michael Cole Talks Jerry Lawler's Heart Attack During WWE Raw

WWE announcer Michael Cole gives his first-hand account of Jerry Lawler collapse on RAW.

12 Sep 2012 Matt Aspin

wwe AcesandEights 22k views

TNA: Who's Behind The Aces And Eights?

Who has masterminded wrestling's latest gang warfare?

10 Sep 2012 Matt Aspin

wwe TNA No Surrender 2012 200 views

TNA No Surrender PPV Predictions and Preview

The eighth annual TNA Impact Wrestling No Surrender PPV rolls in to the Impact Zone tonight with a card stacked to prepare for Bound For Glory.

9 Sep 2012 Matt Aspin