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I love to write. You love to read. This is going to be a beautiful friendship.

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gaming Borderlands2Wimoweh 19k views

Borderlands 2: 8 Reasons We're Still Playing

Borderlands 2 is an experience that feeds off insanity, and offers up plenty of reasons to venture back through the world of Pandora on the quest for loot.

5 Jan 2013 Michael Shelton

gaming DmC_DanteAngels 5k views

DmC: 5 Reasons Dante’s Rebirth Is A Blessing

It's been more than a decade of Dante's demon slaying antics, and we're about to see him in an entirely new light...his youth. Here's five reasons why DmC should be on your radar, and revamping the series won't be a sin for Ninja Theory.

27 Nov 2012 Michael Shelton

gaming FaceSlap 14k views

10 Face Smackingly Awesome Examples Of Gaming Excellence

Gaming creates endless opportunities to shake our assumptions about what games can achieve and shift our perspectives about what is possible.

24 Sep 2012 Michael Shelton

gaming TheWarZ_Lady 856 views

Putting Some Survival In The Zombie Slaughterfest

Zombie games always seem to be lacking two very key components of an apocalypse, the human element and pure survival.

12 Aug 2012 Michael Shelton

gaming cod-black-ops-2-600x371 1k views

What Does The Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Reveal Tell Us?

Sure, there's new gadgets and gizmos, but what can it all really mean for Call of Duty Mutliplayer?

9 Aug 2012 Michael Shelton

gaming cod-black-ops-2-600x371 392 views

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Reveal

Are you ready for more Black Ops 2 multiplayer mayhem? Good, because the first multiplayer reveal trailer is ready for your consumption!

7 Aug 2012 Michael Shelton

gaming RockBand 2k views

8 Reasons Why I Left My Heart With Rock Band

Why Rock Band will always hold a small place in my heart.

6 Aug 2012 Michael Shelton

gaming Grand-Theft-Auto-5 47k views

GTA V: 8 Ways Rockstar Can Live Up To The Hype

GTA V is riding the hype train express already, but how can it possibly live up to the buzz? Well, we have some ideas for Rockstar.

4 Aug 2012 Michael Shelton

gaming DeadpoolFace 2k views

5 Ideas To Create The Best Deadpool Game Possible

The merc with a mouth is finally getting his own game. Well, Mr. Wilson we've got a few ideas to help make your game better, I don't care if you don't want're takin' em'.

19 Jul 2012 Michael Shelton

gaming Minecraft 2k views

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Gets Confirmed Creative Mode And Expanded Map Size?

Minecraftians are receiving Creative Mode soon, and may possibly be getting the expanded map they've been hoping for on the Xbox 360

18 Jul 2012 Michael Shelton

gaming Borderlands2Wimoweh 423 views

Borderlands 2: Wimoweh Trailer Takes Us Into The Jungle

I bet you never thought you'd hear the song Wimoweh used quite like this...

13 Jul 2012 Michael Shelton

gaming HitmanAbsolution_StreetsofHope 600 views

Hitman: Absolution - Streets Of Hope Demo Lets 47 Spread His Violent Wings

Streets of Hope shows off the freedom that aspiring Hitmen and Hitwomen will have to create the perfect assassination.

13 Jul 2012 Michael Shelton

gaming Gears 327 views

Gaming 101: The Evolution Of Cover Sytems

You know how every Third Person Game you play now seems to emphasize stopping, popping, and shooting? Well, why not take a little journey on how it has evolved won't you?

12 Jul 2012 Michael Shelton

gaming Ubisoft 558 views

How The Assassin's Creed Script Should Read

Ubisoft Motion Pictures has secured an amazing actor for their Assassin's Creed adaptation, but they're still missing one huge component...the script.

11 Jul 2012 Michael Shelton

gaming MaxPayne3 508 views

Max Payne 3: 8 Ideas To Improve DLC And Multiplayer

Check out eight of our best ideas for more shoot-dodging and bullet time shenanigans.

10 Jul 2012 Michael Shelton

gaming MP3-DLC 407 views

Max Payne 3: Local Justice Pack Impressions

Max Payne 3's Local Justice Pack certainly offers up more multiplayer mayhem, but is it worth the money?

9 Jul 2012 Michael Shelton

gaming BatmanAC 43k views

Batman Arkham City Sequel: 6 Ways Rocksteady Can Evolve Gameplay

We break down our vision for how Rocksteady can evolve their Batman franchise, and leave Arkham City in the dust. Gotham here we come.

7 Jul 2012 Michael Shelton

gaming Mario

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

It seems that Nintendo has an obsession with turning Mario gold, but at least you're reaping all of the benefits!

6 Jul 2012 Michael Shelton