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Oliver Pfeiffer is a freelance writer who trained at the British Film Institute. He joined OWF in 2007 and now contributes as a Features Writer. Since becoming Obsessed with Film he has interviewed such diverse talents as actors Keanu Reeves, Tobin Bell, Dave Prowse and Naomie Harris, new Hammer Studios Head Simon Oakes and Hollywood filmmakers James Mangold, Scott Derrickson and Uk director Justin Chadwick. Previously he contributed to and has had other articles published in Empire, Hecklerspray, Se7en Magazine, Pop Matters, The Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle and more recently SciFiNow Magazine and The Guardian. He loves anything directed by Cronenberg, Lynch, Weir, Haneke, Herzog, Kubrick and Hitchcock and always has time for Hammer horror films, Ealing comedies and those twisted Giallo movies. His blog is:

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2011 Gold Coast Film Festival Preview

There's a decidedly oriental tinge to this year's Gold Coast Film Festival...

Brisbane 2011 Review: A DANGEROUS METHOD

Enjoy A Dangerous Method for its fine performances, beautiful aesthetic and slap and tickle bedroom scenes, because its central ménage à trois will leave you cold to the core.…

Brisbane 2011 Review: Comic Con IV - A Fan's Hope

Living, breathing unapologetic ode to geek-dom that is also notable for being the first Morgan Spurlock doc that doesn't actually feature the filmmaker and the first that doesn't ridicule its own subject matter.…

Brisbane 2011 Review: LET THE BULLETS FLY

Set in war-torn 1920s China Let the Bullets Fly sees director Jiang Wen (Devils on the Doorstep) cast himself in the lead as notorious Robin Hoodesque bandit Pocky Zhang.…

Brisbane 2011 Review: Rabies [Kalevet]

Who would have thought it would take two debuting Israelian directors to breathe new life into the sub-genre of slasher horror?…

Brisbane 2011 Review: Jon Hewitt's X

Opening with a titillating full-frontal act of fornication in front of a group of champagne guzzling, celery-stick chomping upper-class lady types, X seemingly prepares you for the ensuing unflinching proceedings that lay ahead.…

Brisbane 2011 Film Festival - Fantastic Fest Weekend

Following the initially fascinating but ultimate tedium of black-magic mumbo-jumbo Shaw Brothers kung-fu oddity The Boxer's Omen as the highly anticipated 'Mystery Film' choice, Sunday evening's Drive-In Delirium Presents... double bill mash-up was something to get seriously geeked out about.…

20th Brisbane International Film Festival: Preview of Coming Attractions

The benchmark for any decent film festival is the level of cinematic diversity it offers and thankfully Brisbane’s 25th anniversary international film festival, which commences on the 3rd November, appears to have delivered that desired ensemble.…

Why Does Steven Spielberg Keep Returning to Aliens?

Just what is it about little green men from mars that is such a draw for the bearded bespectacled director? …

Sydney 2011 Review: THE MILL AND THE CROSS