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gaming Toejam_Earl_Funk 52 views

Forgotten Gems of Gaming: ToeJam & Earl

In the early 90’s it was apparently very cool to wear bright colours and rap about positive things while still using the word “funky”.

29 Aug 2012 Rob John Downer

gaming MinecraftSkinDontJump 29k views

Minecraft 360: 10 Things We Want From The Next Update

It’s hard not to crave more: more blocks, more world to explore or more enemies.

19 Aug 2012 Rob John Downer

gaming THPSHD_Mullen_School2_InwardHeelFlip 604 views

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Review [XBLA]

A strange one, hard to recommend, but perhaps worth a purchase for the uncanny revisiting of childhood memories.

20 Jul 2012 Rob John Downer

gaming tony-hawks-pro-skater-hd

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD Preview

Everything we know about the remake so far...

13 Jul 2012 Rob John Downer

film New Line Cinema 137 views

The Hobbit Has Completed Filming

It's official: Peter Jackson’s two-part epic The Hobbit has finally finished filming.

6 Jul 2012 Rob John Downer

gaming Grand-Theft-Auto-5 46k views

GTA V: 10 Reasons Why It Will Rule 2012

f the rumours are to be believed GTA 5 will be released in 2012, grabbing it by the throat and holding it hostage long enough for Stockholm Syndrome to set in.

6 Jul 2012 Rob John Downer

sport Picture 14 3k views

Wimbledon 2012: Andy Murray vs Jo-Wilfried Tsonga - Live on BBC 1

Andy Murray will aim to become the first British man to reach the Wimbledon final for 74 years.

6 Jul 2012 Rob John Downer

gaming new-ps3-slim-concept-design 2k views

Super Slim PS3 Outed?

Does recent FFC filing reveal an even slimmer version of Sony's home console?

6 Jul 2012 Rob John Downer

sport juve 4k views

Arsenal Transfer Speculation: Robin Van Persie Wants To Join Juventus

The Italian champions are now favourites to sign the striker, who scored a whopping 30 league goals last season.

6 Jul 2012 Rob John Downer

gaming tony hawk 21k views

Top 5 Tony Hawk Games

Hark back to a simpler time when Tony was the king on the Skateboarding game.

4 Jul 2012 Rob John Downer

gaming Tablets 11k views

10 Great Tablet Games

So without any further ado, here are 10 great tablet games recommend by What Culture.

3 Jun 2012 Rob John Downer