film Tinker-Tailor-Soldier-Spy-002 651 views

Interview: Colin Firth on TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY

The Academy Award winner talks to What Culture about the aftermath of winning that statuette, the pleasures of working in an ensemble and the contemporary relevance if his new spy thriller.

19 Sep 2011 Robert Beames

film alfredsonstraughan 233 views

Interview: Tomas Alfredson & Peter Straughan on TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY

We spoke yesterday to the director & writer of the Cold War thriller Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy that can be expected to dominate next year's BAFTAs with a cast that brings together a plethora of probable future knights of the realm.

19 Sep 2011 Robert Beames

film beingjohn

Blu-ray Review: Being John Malkovich - Perfunctory HD Offering Falls Far Short of Film's Genius

It's an amazing, cerebral film with one of the most original premises in memory, undermined here by half-assed presentation and 20 minutes of winking lo-def extras.

18 Sep 2011 Robert Beames

film 02Aviator 533 views

Blu-ray Review: The Aviator - Scorsese's Fine Howard Hughes Biopic is Compulsive Viewing

Soaring into HD comes this oft-overlooked modern masterpiece: a compassionate and humane biopic about one of the twentieth centuries most complicated and influential figures.

17 Sep 2011 Robert Beames

film Jurassic-Park-poster 23k views

52 Reasons Why Jurassic Park Might Just Be the Greatest Film of all Time

Exactly what it says on the tin: Jurassic Park obsessive Rob Beames compiles the many, many reasons why this 1993 Spielberg film is just about the best ever made.

17 Sep 2011 Robert Beames

film hcbrtop 265 views

Blu-ray Review: Heavenly Creatures - A Modern Classic Lovingly Presented

Peter Jackson's most restrained and mature feature to date comes to blu-ray in an admirable package.

12 Sep 2011 Robert Beames

film Picture 5

POST MORTEM Review; Riveting and thought-provoking cinema

Tony Manero was no less dark than Post Mortem, but it had a wicked sense of humour mostly absent here. But it's no matter. The film makes up for it with more earnest feeling and genuine emotion, and is riveting and thought-provoking cinema.

9 Sep 2011 Robert Beames

film epsonifa 699 views

Epson Unveils Latest Home Cinema Projectors

Wireless HD 3D, 2D to 3D conversion and even an iPod compatible portable model revealed as Epson try to woo you into upgrading your home cinema set-up

8 Sep 2011 Robert Beames

film Binary Sunset 3k views

Fantasy Casting: If They Made STAR WARS Today...

Who would you cast in Star Wars if you remade it today? From the sublime to the ridiculous, here's a look at how the most iconic roles in cinema might look if Rob Beames had that power...

7 Sep 2011 Robert Beames

film once 235 views

Blu-ray Review: Once Upon a Time in the West - An Artful, Intense and Thrilling Epic

Is the Blu-Ray edition of this classic Sergio Leone Western worth a few dollars more?

5 Sep 2011 Robert Beames

film attenberg 2k views

ATTENBERG Review: Offers No Discernible Insights On Any Subject

I wasn't bored, and I was prepared to wait patiently until the last second, thinking that some event or dialogue would shed some light on everything that had come before. But it never came.

2 Sep 2011 Robert Beames

film killist

KILL LIST Review: A Brutal and Enigmatic British Horror

Ben Wheatley's second feature is part darkly funny hitman thriller, part vintage British horror and all thoroughly gripping indeed.

31 Aug 2011 Robert Beames

film mc 504 views

Blu-ray Review: Miller's Crossing - Poor Presentation and Lacklustre Features Tarnish This Masterpiece

This Coen Brothers masterpiece gets saddled with a stills gallery and a chat with Barry Sonnenfeld as presentations issues hamper an otherwise essential purchase.

29 Aug 2011 Robert Beames

film hanna_movie_08 300 views

Blu-Ray Review: Hanna - An Intense Hyper-Sensory Fairytale About Growing Up

Even better on repeat viewings, this is a fine change to re-live one of the year's most unique and entertaining films.

29 Aug 2011 Robert Beames

gaming whatsshenmue-7 77k views

30 Great Games That Defined The Dreamcast

What Culture! takes a nostalgic look at mankind's crowning achievement: the SEGA Dreamcast, paying loving homage to its best games

29 Aug 2011 Robert Beames

film lelbr 66 views

Blu-Ray Review: Little White Lies - Baggy, Self-indulgent and Overlong Gallic Summer Jaunt

Top performances and some nice isolated character moments can't salvage this baggy, over-long ensemble romantic-comedy.

22 Aug 2011 Robert Beames

film the guardan

THE GUARD Review - Destined For IN BRUGES-esque Cult Success!

The Guard, whilst hilarious, is not quite as poetic and lyrically written as In Bruges. But it is arguably the better film in terms of the stylised and un-cluttered look and the brilliant use of Latin American music.

21 Aug 2011 Robert Beames

film Rupert-Wyatt-ROTPOTA 864 views

Apes Director Rupert Wyatt: Why CGI is Now the Moral Choice

An account of how an orangutan got beaten on the set of Babe: Pig in the City and why that sorry spectacle needn't happen ever again. It's CGI to the rescue, say PETA.

11 Aug 2011 Robert Beames

Media Serkis: The Gollum Actor Goes Ape For Video Games

Not content with being a near godlike figure in the realm of Hollywood motion capture, Rise of the Planet of the Apes star Andy Serkis sees games as the future. In fact, he'd bet his house on it.

10 Aug 2011 Robert Beames

film Cowboys and Aliens 799 views

COWBOYS AND ALIENS Review - Against All Odds, This is a Crushing Bore

Cowboys. Aliens. The hot chick from Tron. Indiana Jones and James Bond. The director of Iron Man. Why, oh why is this so bloody boring?

8 Aug 2011 Robert Beames