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Sean Gerber is the founder and editor-in-chief of and host of its flagship podcast, Superhero Movie Talk. You can also hear him as the host of the Batman-On-Film Podcast and Star Wars With Friends.

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20 Twitter Accounts Superhero Movie Fans Must Follow

You owe it to your Twitter feed, seriously.

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12 Greatest Escapes In Comic Book Movies

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Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice - 10 Major Concerns Fans Still Have

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20 Hilariously Bad Amazon Reviews For Movies Everyone Loved

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CM Punk: 10 Steps That Led To Him Quitting WWE

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Guardians Of The Galaxy: 10 Cameos We Want to See

The fact that we’re getting a Guardians of the Galaxy movie at all is astounding. These cameos would push it to a new level.

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10 Best Batman Movie Performances

This list will honor those who left an everlasting mark on one of Hollywood's most iconic and most historic franchises.

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10 Questionable Criticisms Of The Dark Knight Rises

Bat-a-rangs at the ready.

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