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Thomas James Hunt is a British Video Game Critic who is a rather unpleasant character in the journalism world. So brace yourself for some nasty behaviour in the form of articles.

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gaming Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment 36k views

10 Despicable Gaming Moments That Show The Censors Might Have A Point

Those moments when a line has been crossed...

6 Mar 2014 Thomas James Hunt

gaming Rockstar 32k views

10 Reasons It Totally Sucked To Be A Gamer In 2013

We might have had some great games, but gamers are still trapped in an abusive relationship with the industry.

6 Jan 2014 Thomas James Hunt

gaming Primal Rage 31k views

10 Most Disgusting Ways To Die In Gaming

When Pac-man dies, his jaw gets ripped apart Saw-style. This, and many more, feature in our series on disgusting game deaths.

16 Dec 2013 Thomas James Hunt

gaming halo4 358 views

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Trailer

343 Industries and Microsoft have revealed a trailer for their live action series Halo: Forward Unto Dawn.

13 Jul 2012 Thomas James Hunt

gaming colonialamericaassassinscreed3_0 53k views

Assassin's Creed 3: 10 Improvements We Want To See

If you have a lust for Assassin’s Creed that borders on the painfully erotic, do not read the following.

8 Jul 2012 Thomas James Hunt

gaming Ubisoft 5k views

Assassin's Creed 3: 8 Historical Figures We Want To Kill

Which historical figures should we get to rip away from their family and friends?

4 Jul 2012 Thomas James Hunt