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By day, a typical, clichéd tortured artist with delusions of grandeur. A dyslexic warrior haunted by his poor grammar and dependent on his trusty spell-check. By night he is the musical gigging front man/guitarist in a heavy alt 2 piece noise outfit know as “Exit Strategy One.” Armed with enough affirmation to chase his musical dream he shares his downtime between gigs watching box sets and talking rubbish to anyone who will listen.

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U2: Invisible Super-Bowl Review

The colossal musical-juggernaut that is U2 decided to gatecrash the biggest sporting event in America and unleash their latest track from an as-yet-untitled, upcoming album.

4 Feb 2014 Tom McGinley

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5 Ways To Nail That Job Interview: Hollywood Style

The formal discussion between a potential employer and prospective employee is an ever evolving beast that has many variables and must be tackled correctly in order to secure success.

8 Jan 2014 Tom McGinley