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I hail from the west coast of British Columbia. I'm an aspiring novelist who loves pulp and art house films. I admire films that try to do something interesting and detest mediocrities.

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10 Reason Mad Max: Fury Road Should Win Best Picture

Will it ride eternal, shiny and gold?

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 10 Reasons The Haters Are Dead Wrong

Remember, hate leads to suffering.

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10 Reasons The Comic Book Movie Fad Is Here To Stay

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9 Biggest Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens Rumours

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10 Predictions About The Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe

Ten dollars says a 'Wolfman goes to Hollywood' film is on the horizon

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How To Interpret Big Star Wars Episode 7 Spoiler

What should we actually make of the spoiler that shocked the web?

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10 Things Walt Disney Wants You To Forget

There are literal skeletons in the closet...

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10 Signs Star Wars 7 Will Redeem The Franchise

A good Star Wars film... Now that's a thing I haven't seen in a long time.

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10 Failed Space Operas That Bombed With Mainstream Audiences

Star Wars it ain't... What were they thinking?

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10 Actresses Who Can Play Thor On The Big Screen

Generally, what happens in the comics ends up happening on the big screen...

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10 Movie Heroes That Really Suck At Saving People

Why is Bond so incompetent at saving beautiful women?

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10 Most Shamefully Lazy Plot Resolutions In Movie History

And they all lived lazily ever after.

31 May 2014 Travis Earl

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10 Awesome Actors Who Automatically Improve Any Movie By Their Presence

If these guys show up, it can't all be bad.

13 May 2014 Travis Earl

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10 Movies That Are Nothing More Than Feature Length Commercials

Man Of Steel? More like Man Of Sears...

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10 Movie Sex Scenes That Will Probably Make You Vow Celibacy

Love scenes to make everything shrivel and disappear.

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10 Awful Comic Book Characters That Don't Deserve A Movie Adaptation

From the bad, the bizarre and the downright offensive, here are the characters film studios should steer clear of.

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