10 Amazingly Written Sex Scenes In Modern Day Novels

1. Barracuda By Christos Tsiolkas

Clyde was bellowing, with such force and exhilaration that Dan could finally relax. Clyde was spasming, grunting as he came, falling on top of him; the room was a furnace from the heat of the day...Dan pushed Clyde off him onto his back on the carpet, then straddled him, jerking his cock violently for only a couple of seconds, feverishly chasing that brief moment of light...
Tsiolkas writes about sex in realistic daily situations compared to the more romantic of sex scene authors. He portrays sex as a release from the stresses of life, which for many readers is a more accurate scenario. The force between Clyde and Danny, the two man in this scene, is also a reflection of a type of intimacy between gay men. While it sounds a little fractured, with emotional distance between the men, it's a well written scene for the honesty behind it, and the cold truth behind the fact the sometimes people use sex as a cure for their overloaded minds.

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