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Read Our Exclusive Q&A With Karl Pilkington

Plus a chance to win signed copies of 'More Moaning' published by Canongate.
By Canongate
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5 Things You Need To Know About Andy McNab's Street Soldier

A new thriller from the king of military fiction.
By Penguin Random House
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Win Signed Copies Of Andy McNab's Liam Scott Trilogy

Plus read an exclusive Q&A with the SAS hero himself.
By Penguin Random House
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Harry Potter & The Cursed Child: 18 Biggest WTF Moments

Plot holes, pigeons and criminal geriatrics...
By Simon Gallagher

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child: 7 Ups & 3 Downs

Is the new Harry Potter story a blessing or a curse?
By James Hunt

JK Rowling Hints There Won't Be Any More Harry Potter

Harry Potter & The Crushing Disappointment...
By Simon Gallagher
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Stephen King's “It”: 10 Things The Remake Must Get Right

It's time to revisit our Maine man Pennywise...
By Brian Wilson
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15 Most Prominent Game Of Thrones Characters (Yet To Appear In The Show)

Chances are that we'll never see these guys, for better or for worse.
By Alex Antliff

Stephen King's The Shining Illustrated Book Review

A new way to celebrate King's masterpiece.
By Simon Gallagher
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9 Mistakes In Stephen King Books You Never Even Noticed

Even the greats can make mistakes.
By Brian Wilson
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8 Harry Potter Moments That Are So Much Better In The Book

The books are better. "After all this time?" Always.
By Brian Wilson
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Chuck Palahniuk Kickstarts Lullaby Adaptation

Fight Club creator to bring his third novel to the silver screen.
By Ian Coomber
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The Dark Tower Movie "May Upset Some Fans A Little Bit"

Stephen King warns the movie will deviate from the book.
By Ben Bussey

20 Best Wrestling Books Ever

Only one of Mick Foley's autobiographies can be classed as truly essential...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Most Anticipated Matches For Triple H's WWE Return

The Game will be wrestling for another three years.
By Grahame Herbert
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Here's What The American Hogwarts Houses Are Called In Fantastic Beasts

So, which ones as rubbish as Hufflepuff?
By Ben Bussey

8 Books That Were Banned For Insane Reasons

Yes, they even banned the dictionary...
By Brian Wilson

9 Huge Mistakes In The Harry Potter Books You Didn't Even Notice

Dumbledore did WHAT?!
By Brian Wilson

7 Famous Writers Who May Not Have Actually Existed

D'oh! Was Homer even real?
By Brian Wilson

10 Most Insane Stories Stephen King Ever Dreamt Up

Are these tales scary good, or just plain nuts?
By Jay Anderson
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10 Movie Stars Who Have Written Novels

Not every book written by a movie star is an autobiography. Thank god.
By Jarlath Caolan

8 Stephen King Characters Who Deserve Their Own Book

The master of horror has many more stories to tell...
By Brian Wilson
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8 Huge Predictions For Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

From sudden death to unexpected divorce...
By Brian Wilson
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Harry Potter: 10 Most Shocking Reveals From Pottermore

Two former Queens of England, a private Dark Wizard island, an important ice cream man and more.…
By Phil Archbold

10 Most Underrated Stephen King Novels

Don't judge these books by their covers (or the negative reviews).
By Sam Hill

12 Scariest Stephen King Books

Celebrate World Book Day with a scare.
By Clare Simpson

10 Niggling Harry Potter Questions JK Rowling Must Answer

What were all the witches and wizards Down Under doing while Voldey was on his siege of terror?
By Rachel Bailey

Game Of Thrones: Ranking George R.R. Martin's Westeros Books - Worst To Best

It's time for a trial by literature.
By Brian Wilson
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10 Classic Children's Books That Are Actually Racist

Timeless stories of childhood innocence and inconceivably racist stereotypes.
By Mark Allen

10 Most Bizarre Literature Conspiracy Theories

Because writers aren't the only ones with vivid imaginations.
By Dale Armitage