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Revenge Of The Jedi

Star Wars: The Academy Reveals Rare Unseen REVENGE Of The Jedi Teaser

From the days before vengeance was a dirty word...
By Simon Gallagher
Josh Brolin Oldboy remake

12 Great Directors Who Helmed Terrible Movie Remakes

Stick to those original films, guys...
By Sam Hill
Captain America Civil War Batman V Superman.jpg

10 Reasons Captain America: Civil War Beat Batman v Superman

Marvel showed DC how it's done
By Percival Constantine
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas Johnny Depp.jpg

Johnny Depp: 5 Awesome Performances & 5 That Sucked

An enigma wrapped in a riddle covered in make-up and a hat.
By James Hunt
Enemy Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal And Denis Villeneuve To Reteam On Adaptation Of Jo Nesbo Crime Novel

The Son follows Enemy and Prisoners.
By James Hunt
Thor Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson Claims He Turned Down Playing Odin In Thor

Turns out beggars CAN be choosers.
By Simon Gallagher
XMen Spoiler

Fox Just Ruined 2 MAJOR Details About X-Men: Apocalypse In TV Spot

If you haven't seen it, don't watch the latest teasers.
By Simon Gallagher
Alien Covenant First Image

Alien: Covenant Offers A First Look At The New Bad-Ass Hero

Warning: some Where's Wally experience may be necessary.
By Simon Gallagher
X2 poster

Bryan Singer: His Films Ranked From Worst To Best

The highs and lows of the X-Men director.
By Ben Bussey
Origami Crane Blade Runner

8 Wild Movie Fan Theories (That Were Actually Correct)

RoboCop is Jesus? Not as dumb as it sounds.
By Padraig Cotter
The Rock Hobbs

The Rock Could Get His Own Fast & Furious Spin-Off Movie

Hobbs is coming back strong.
By Simon Gallagher
Harry Potter Cursed Child

Harry Potter: JK Rowling Says The Cursed Child Will Definitely Make You Cry

Excellent, more Dobby moments then.
By Simon Gallagher
Jamie Bell

Jamie Bell Shouldn't Play James Bond, He Should Play A Villain

A Trevelyan-like figure would be a hell of a lot better.
By Simon Gallagher
Iron Man 4 Mel Gibson

Does Robert Downey Jr Really Want Mel Gibson To Direct Iron Man 4?!

Seriously though, it's a joke, isn't it?
By Simon Gallagher
Wonder Woman Logo

Wonder Woman Becomes First Female-Directed Movie With $100 Million Budget

Take that, sexists.
By Andrew Dilks
Beauty And The Beast Trailer

Beauty And The Beast Teaser Smashes Star Wars Record Views

Another live-action hit in the making for Disney.
By Andrew Dilks
Blob Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse Features A Cameo Only Hardcore Wrestling Fans Will Recognise

Anyone remember Giant Gustav?
By Simon Gallagher
Man Of Steel Behind The Scene

10 Most Boring Blockbusters Of All Time

Bigger, blander and boring.
By Ian Watson
The King Of Comedy

8 Underrated Films From Famous Directors You Probably Missed

Hidden gems from the greats.
By Alex Leadbeater
Tom Cruise Space

Of Course Tom Cruise Trained Secretly With NASA To Go To Space

Why wouldn't he? He's Tom bloody Cruise.
By Simon Gallagher
Spider Man Captain America

Chris Evans Wants Captain America In Spider-Man: Homecoming

But don't expect him in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2...
By Simon Gallagher
Director Krennic Rogue One

Star Wars: Rogue One Artwork Reveals Death Troopers And New AT-ATs

New Shore Troopers also revealed by Lucasfilm.
By Simon Gallagher
Luke Cage Diamondback

Luke Cage Set Photos Give First Glimpse Of New Look Villain

This September is all about the Nazi Power Ranger chic...
By Simon Gallagher
The Gallows Movie

10 Blumhouse Productions That Prove The New Halloween Movie Is Doomed

Will Blumhouse kill the boogeyman?
By Ian Watson
Disneyland Haunted Mansion

Foolish Mortals - A Haunted Mansion Documentary Lands On Kickstarter

Trekkies for Haunted Mansion fanatics?
By Jen Gallie
Little Mermaid

Disney To Go Back Under The Sea With Live-Action Remake Of The Little Mermaid?

The latest animation to get the live-action treatment.
By James Hunt
Edge Lana Interrogation

WWE Studios Movie Interrogation Starring Edge & Lana Gets Poster

Rated-R, of course.
By John Bills
Batman V Superman

Batman V Superman Producer Charles Roven Changes Role For Future Of DCEU

The fallout continues.
By James Hunt
The Rock Big Trouble In Little China

The Rock Says His Big Trouble In Little China Remake IS Still Happening

Promises he'll take "really good care of it".
By Simon Gallagher
Finding Dory trailer Nemo

Come Find Emotional New Finding Dory Trailer

Still just keep swimming.
By James Hunt