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Convergence #6 Review: 5 Reasons Why It's A Mediocre Step In The Right Direction

One small step for Convergence - one smaller step towards mediocrity.

22 May 2015 Bryant Lucas


6 Drastic Comic Book Changes That Won't Stick

With so many changes, it's only a matter of time before things get back to normal.

22 May 2015 Freddie Rochez

DC Comics

20 Mind Blowing Facts About Wonder Woman

What was Wonder Woman originally going to be called?

22 May 2015 Josh Wilding

Marvel Comics

10 Goofiest Moments In The Early Days Of Spider-Man

Behold, the glory of...the Spider-Mobile!

22 May 2015 Tom Baker

Marvel Comics

10 Times Daredevil Was Forced To Kill

Bullseye, not a fan of his own medicine...

21 May 2015 Tom Baker

10 Wacky Alternate DC Comics Universes That Need Exploration

Multiversal madness!

21 May 2015 Bryant Lucas

DC Comics

9 Most Innapropriate Comic Book Couples

Do plants get you going? Robots? Underage teammates? Your own sister/mother? No? What kind of superhero are you?

21 May 2015 Freddie Rochez

DC Comics

10 Things You Didn't Know About Mr. Freeze

Ice to see you, to see you...

21 May 2015 Tom Baker

DC Comics

10 Times Superman Has "Died"

Choose your poison: magic...Kryptonite...erm, poison...

20 May 2015 Tom Baker

Marvel Comics

Uncanny X-Men #600 Postponed Until October

Brian Michael Bendis' last issue delayed to after the end of Secret Wars.

19 May 2015 Tom Baker

20th Century Fox

Fantastic Four: 10 Villains Who Would Have Been Better Than Dr Doom

Doom may be the go-to antagonist but there's a hoard of baddies that could appear in future films.

19 May 2015 Freddie Rochez

Marvel Comics

10 Things You Need To Know About The Future Of Marvel

Secret Wars might not be the end of the world as you know it...

18 May 2015 Tom Baker


10 Comic Book Movie Roles Matthew McConaughey Should Play

Fighting for truth, justice, and being alright alright alright.

18 May 2015 Tom Baker

Marvel Comics

10 Times Spider-Man Won A Fight He Should Have Lost

We all root for Spidey, but should he win every fight?

18 May 2015 Dan Rafter

Marvel Comics

10 Marvel Comics You Must Read Before Phase 3

These are the comics you want.

18 May 2015 Connor Briggs-Morris

Marvel Comics

10 Little Known Superheroes That Would Make Marvel Millions

If they can make a movie out of Ant-Man, these should be easy...

17 May 2015 George J. Rutherford


50 Greatest Justice League Members Of All-Time

Who's the real icon of the Justice League: Batman or Superman?

17 May 2015 Josh Wilding


10 Things You Didn't Know About Harley Quinn

Meet Harley and...Mrs J?

16 May 2015 Tom Baker

Marvel Comics

Captain America Civil War: 10 Worst Plot Points The Film Must Ignore

Does anybody really want to see Iron Man as the villain?

16 May 2015 Tom Baker

Marvel Comics

X-Men Apocalypse: 10 Comic Book Mistakes The Film Should Avoid

Please don't turn Oscar Isaac blue, X-Men...

15 May 2015 Tom Baker