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10 Foolproof Movie Methods For Murdering Your Spouse

How movie husbands and wives conspire to get away with murder, in ten easy lessons.

9 Feb 2016 Ben Cooke

20th Century Fox

10 Actresses Who Made An Unexpected Splash In Popular Franchises

Approached with caution, received with aplomb.

9 Feb 2016 Steve Palace


10 Actors Who Were Cut Out Of Movies For Ridiculous Reasons

Find out why Ang Lee made Tobey Maguire sad.

9 Feb 2016 Padraig Cotter


9 Movies That Were Improved By Having No Money

Sometimes less is more.

9 Feb 2016 Jacob Trowbridge

20th Century Fox

Deadpool Review - The Superhero Genre Is In Trouble

It's entertaining, but the R-rated experiment still sticks to the formula.

9 Feb 2016 Alex Leadbeater


13 Awesome Moments From The Super Bowl 50 Trailers

Psylocke is sexy-scary...

8 Feb 2016 Jack Pooley

Fox Searchlight Pictures

12 British Horror Films You Need To See

Terror to delight fans of the macabre.

8 Feb 2016 Ian Watson


Captain America: Civil War - 13 Big Questions From Super Bowl Spot

Why would anyone be on #TeamIronMan?!

8 Feb 2016 James Hunt

Marvel/Warner Bros. Pictures/20th Century Fox/Paramount Pictures

Every Movie Trailer From Super Bowl 50 Ranked From Worst To Best

Civil War teams! Krang! Turkish Airlines!

8 Feb 2016 Alex Leadbeater


10 Urban Legends That Should Be Horror Films

And you thought the 'killer in the backseat' was scary...

8 Feb 2016 Dan Woburn

X-Men: Apocalypse Super Bowl Spot - 10 Things You Need To See

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the Psylocke show.

8 Feb 2016 Simon Gallagher

Marvel Studios

10 Things We Learned From This Year's Super Bowl Trailers

An Ant-Man/Hulk team-up? Best. Super Bowl. EVER.

8 Feb 2016 Josh Wilding

Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl Spot - 10 Things You Need To See

"United we stand. Divided we fall."

8 Feb 2016 Dan Woburn


12 Movie Spoilers We Didn’t Know Last Week (6th Feb)

Big Green's about to find his voice.

7 Feb 2016 Simon Gallagher


9 Reasons Zoolander 2 Is A Disappointment (And 2 It's Not)

At least Justin Bieber dies...

7 Feb 2016 Jack Pooley


10 Things You Didn't Know About Han Solo

What you never knew about the nerf-herder...

7 Feb 2016 Christian Bone


10 Things The Oscars Want You To Forget

Because #OscarsSoWhite isn't the Academy's first embarrassment.

7 Feb 2016 Taylor Burns

Warner Bros.

6 Aborted Superman Movies You Almost Got To See

From Superman Lives to George Miller's Justice League Mortal.

7 Feb 2016 Mark Langshaw


Star Wars Sequels: 11 Huge Surprises That Could Still Happen

The Star Wars hype is dead. Long live the Star Wars hype.

7 Feb 2016 James Hunt