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13 Overlooked Positives About 2015’s Worst Movies

Can the Fantastic Four just join The Avengers already? Please?

7 Dec 2015 Jack Pooley

Warner Bros.

Chris Nolan 2017: 10 Movies He Might Direct Next

It's time for Michael Caine to clear his schedule...

7 Dec 2015 Rob Leane

Icon Film

Ryan Gosling is ALIVE In The Nice Guys Trailer

This frankly looks hilarious.

7 Dec 2015 Dan Woburn


Sounds Like Spider-Man's Costume For Captain America: Civil War Is Partly CGI

Iron Spider, perhaps?

7 Dec 2015 Dan Woburn


New Star Wars: The Force Awakens International TV Spot Shows Off Its Light Side

Finn has his Samwise Gamgee moment.

7 Dec 2015 Dan Woburn

Warner Bros.

15 Best Comic Book Movies On Netflix Right Now

Netflix and chill with Batman, Captain America and more...

7 Dec 2015 Rob Leane

Warner Bros. Pictures/DC

Is The Flash In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice?

Costume Designer hints at a "glimpse" of hero in the film.

7 Dec 2015 Dan Woburn

Marvel Studios

7 Most Idiotic Things Fanboys Want From Upcoming Movies

You can't always have what you want, you know.

7 Dec 2015 Sam Hill


6 Things New To Netflix This Week (Dec 7)

Strap in as cool cars, big stars and a comedy exclusive all vie for your attention.

7 Dec 2015 Damien St John


Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 13 Things We Learned From The Press Conference

Kylo Ren almost looked like Captain Phasma.

7 Dec 2015 Simon Gallagher

Warner Bros.

8 Ways The New Batman V Superman Trailer Proves It Will Be 2016's Best Comic Book Movie

The Trinity together?! So. Much. Yes.

7 Dec 2015 Josh Wilding

Paramount Pictures

12 Most Disposable Films Of 2015

Watch once and discard.

7 Dec 2015 Ian Watson


Avengers: Infinity War - Adding The Defenders Is Complicated (But Not Impossible)

Small screen to big screen leap might not be off the cards.

7 Dec 2015 Simon Gallagher

Image Entertainment

10 Actors Who Hopefully Killed Their Careers In 2015

Laters, Adam...

7 Dec 2015 Jack Pooley

Warner Bros.

8 Directors Who Did Crazy Things To Get Their Movies Made

Sometimes art demands sacrifice...and being a bit insane.

6 Dec 2015 Brian Wilson


8 Movie Reviews That Pissed Everyone Off In 2015

Never, ever say it's "not for girls".

5 Dec 2015 Padraig Cotter

Warner Bros.

10 Ridiculous Harry Potter Fan Theories (That Might Just Be True)

You'd never expecto these...

5 Dec 2015 Rob Leane


13 Things You Learn When You Rewatch Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Desolation Row.

5 Dec 2015 Taylor Burns


10 Marvel Villains For Phase 4 (And Who Should Play Them)

Who could wreak havoc after Infinity War?

5 Dec 2015 Rob Leane

12 Tech Inventions From Star Wars That Already Exist Today

Well they did say "a long time ago..."

5 Dec 2015 Peter Austin