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gaming Ubisoft

10 Amazing Games Nobody Managed To Complete

Are you one of the 0.8% who managed to beat Super Meat Boy?

Updated 3 Mar 2015 Scott Tailford

film Warner Bros.

12 Movies You Presumed Were Massive Flops (That Really Weren't)

It takes a lot more to flop than you probably think.

Updated 3 Mar 2015 Jack Pooley

sport John Walton/EMPICS Sport

15 Worst Ever Arsenal Premier League Signings

The Gunners who failed to fire...

3 Mar 2015 Mark McConville

comics DC Comics/Warner Bros. Pictures

20 Mind-Blowing Facts Didn't Know About Batman

He wasn't bitten by a radioactive bat if that's what you were wondering...

3 Mar 2015 Josh Wilding

tv FOX

11 Times TV Shows Creepily Predicted The Future

Bin Laden's hiding place, Edward Snowden and the shape of the universe - all predicted by the boob tube...

Updated 3 Mar 2015 Tom Butler


20 Problems Only Cinema Workers Will Understand

Have you ever picked up three hundred pieces of popcorn from a floor made of glue?

Updated 3 Mar 2015 KJ Lewis

gaming Eidos Interactive

10 Embarrassing Things We All Did In Famous Video Games

Go on, admit it, you locked him in the fridge too.

Updated 3 Mar 2015 Jack Pooley

offbeat Mean Girls Make Up

14 Signs That You're A Mean Girl

You probably don't care that someone else just has a lot of feelings.

3 Mar 2015 Sara Weir

tv BBC

9 Problems With Doctor Who No One Wants To Admit

Thinking outside the big blue box.

3 Mar 2015 Dan Butler

film deviantART

10 Things You Need To Know About The Spectacular Spider-Man

Wait, Marvel's Spectacular Spider-Man is going to be like the Harry Potter franchise?

3 Mar 2015 Josh Wilding

film Drew Goddard Spiderman

Report: Drew Goddard Writing Spider-Man Vs. Sinister Six Movie With Iron Man

Will Robert Downey Jr star in the new Spider-Man movie?

2 Mar 2015 Brendon Connelly

offbeat Paramount

10 Things That Wouldn't Exist Without Leonard Nimoy

That's right: no Spock, no Three Men And A Baby

2 Mar 2015 Tom Baker

film Spectacular Spider Man

Drew Goddard Will Direct The Spectacular Spider-Man Reboot

New Spider-Man movie has its writer and director.

2 Mar 2015 Matt Holmes


18 Problems Only Short Girls Will Understand

Hey, so... how's the weather down there squirt?

2 Mar 2015 M.L Gabriel

history Putin Russia Soviet Union Gif

25 Mind-Blowing Facts About Vladimir Putin

A £45 Billion fortune, a judo black belt and an affair with a spy...

2 Mar 2015 Chris Waugh

tv HBO

10 Major Game Of Thrones Deaths You Didn't Give A Sh*t About

Oh no, not whathisname!

Updated 2 Mar 2015 Tom Butler

film Wolf Of Wall Street 02

10 Films You Must Never Watch With Your Parents

It may be worth suggesting something else for family movie night.

Updated 2 Mar 2015 Alex Leadbeater

film Marvel Studios

9 Marvel Characters Who Will Die Before The End Of Phase 3

Coffin makers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are about to see a boom in business.

2 Mar 2015 Alex Leadbeater