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11 Massive Faux Pas To Avoid When You Go See A Band

Some things just have no place at a gig...

15 Oct 2014 Simon Beckwith

10 Songs Which Gave Birth To Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal was forged by these incendiary tracks.

15 Oct 2014 Christopher Jennings

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20 Music Videos That Defined The 90s

The biggest and best videos from the 1990's.

15 Oct 2014 William Graff


John Cena Releases Two Songs With Rapper Wiz Khalifa For WWE 2K15

WWE legend is going back to his hip hop roots for 2K15!

13 Oct 2014 Rich D. Latta II

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Alter Bridge: 11 Things You Probably Didn't Know

How well do you know know one of the best rock bands of the new era?

9 Oct 2014 Scott Tailford

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10 Classic Rock Songs That Push The 7-Minute Mark

No stairways, Layla's or free birds to be found here!

9 Oct 2014 Fred McNamara

Sex Pistols God Save The Queen

20 Greatest Songs That Said F*** You To Authority

Records that just didn't care...

7 Oct 2014 Ryan Hill


10 Weirdest Movie Appearances By Musicians

What were they thinking? Singing AND acting?!

7 Oct 2014 Gaz Lloyd


10 Times Metallica Attempted Career Suicide

Exactly what does it take to kill this band?

4 Oct 2014 D.M. Anderson


10 Famous Actors Who Tried To Be Musicians (And Hilariously Failed)

They may be talented both in front of and behind the camera, but on stage they're dire.

29 Sep 2014 Jack Pooley

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20 Problems Only Music Festival Goers Will Understand

It's not all about the music, the drugs, the adventures... actually, it is.

28 Sep 2014 Jack G King

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13 Greatest Ever Metallica Live Performances

Shows that prove the greatest band in the world are also the greatest live band.

21 Sep 2014 Simon Gallagher

Guns N Roses Charles Manson

7 Guns N' Roses Tunes That Are Still Shocking Today

Welcome To The Jungle...

21 Sep 2014 Jay Anderson


20 Jay-Z Songs You’ve Never Heard

From Marcy to Madison Square.

21 Sep 2014 Jesse Gumbarge


20 Kanye West Songs You've Never Heard

Allow himself to introduce... himself.

20 Sep 2014 Jesse Gumbarge

10 New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Bands That Are Better Than Ever

The NWOBHM is back and it's ready to take over the world for a second time!

19 Sep 2014 Christopher Jennings

20 Problems Only People In A Band Will Understand

Why would you want to be doing any other job in the world? Erm...

18 Sep 2014 Cheish Merryweather


10 Essential Hardcore Bands

Ten hardcore bands that provide enough energy and adrenaline you'll feel invincible!

11 Sep 2014 James Weaver


10 Reasons Why The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Was So Influential

Take a look around... the metal of today wouldn't be the same without these guys.

6 Sep 2014 Christopher Jennings


10 Albums With Actual Hidden Messages‏

Less "Hail Satan!", more "Call your mother, she's worried!"

5 Sep 2014 Tom Baker