Rocket, Mercury

21 Best Celebrity Appearances In Music Videos

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Whats My Age Again

Ranking Blink-182's Hit Singles From Worst To Best

Where does your favourite rank?

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10 Things We Know About The New Mumford & Sons Album

It's wilder, new and completely different.

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15 Insanely Weird Moments That Made You Love Marilyn Manson

He's one of the beautiful people.

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10 Awesome Bruce Springsteen Stories That Prove He's The Boss

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10 Best WWE References In Rap Music

The best of the best when rap and wrestling come together.

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10 Misheard Song Lyrics You Still Secretly Sing

"I'm finding it hard to be-lieve... you're eleven"

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10 Music Videos That Were Actually Made By Famous Directors

Films aren't the only thing that need to be directed...

5 Mar 2015 Brian Wilson


Ex-Chelsea Winger Pat Nevin Becomes 'Hyped East London Indie DJ'

Never judge a book by its cover...

2 Mar 2015 Ross Tweddell

Federal Prism

10 Actors You Didn't Know Are Also In A Band

When they're not acting, they're trying to make it in an even cooler profession.

27 Feb 2015 Brian Wilson

10 Things You Didn't Know About The Black Keys

Assuming you aren't Jack White or Justin Bieber, you'll probably find these things interesting.

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10 Legendary Rock And Metal Bands You Must See Before You Die

Some live performances defy words, and these guys nail it every time.

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11 Hugely Anticipated Rock And Metal Albums Coming In 2015

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10 Hip Hop Songs With Surprising Samples

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Alter Bridge: 10 Awesome Tracks You've Never Heard

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Kanye West

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20 Songs Every Fifty Shades Of Grey Fan Should Hear

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15 Problems Only Muse Fans Will Understand

Good news: another new album on the way.

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12 Things You Didn't Know About Avenged Sevenfold

One of the greatest metal bands on earth have a few stories to tell.

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Janet Jackson Superbowl

10 Most Unforgettable Super Bowl Halftime Performances Ever

Warning: this article is brought to you with a five second delay in order to avoid nipple slips.

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