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10 Things You Didn't Know About Foster The People

There's much more to them than just incredible songs.

14 Apr 2015 James Davidson

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10 Problems Only Kayne West Fans Will Understand

Of course it's necessary to purchase a copy of The Book Of Yeezus.

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Katy Perry

From her real name, to having one particular album declared as a biohazard.

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10 Problems Only Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Fans Will Understand

For the BRMC collective.

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13 Famous Bands With More Lineup Changes Than You'll Believe

One big happy family... with 35 different opinions at once.

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15 Best Guitar Solos Of The Decade (So Far)

All your teeth in place? Good, let's begin.

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10 Problems Only Libertines Fans Will Understand

Can't stand them now...

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Kings Of Leon Youth Young Manhood 3144

Kings Of Leon: Ranking Their Albums From Worst To Best

The boys from Tennessee's studio efforts ranked.

8 Apr 2015 James Davidson


20 Best Live Albums

There's just no atmosphere like it.

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15 Best Pearl Jam Tracks

The greatest songs from Washington's finest.

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10 Best Dave Grohl Drum Tracks

Masterpieces, all of them.

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12 Things Only Tom Waits Fans Will Understand

Philosophy, integrity, THAT voice and the importance of shoes...

2 Apr 2015 Lewis Howse


9 Bizarre Place Names In Songs You Totally Missed

Just where is Jimi Hendrix's Spanish Castle Magic anyway?

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5 Things You Need To Know About Honor

From nothing to the ears of thousands with quite the story to tell.

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20 Hip Hop Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

LPs that will change your life.

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10 Comics Every Music Lover Should Read

Something for the degenerate, dead by 27 rock star in all of us...

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Bruce Springsteen: Ranking His Albums From Worst To Best

How do The Boss' 18 studio efforts place?

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Taylor Swift

An advanced course for the casuals, and a refresher course for the die-hards.

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Mark Tremonti: 10 Brutally Heavy Riffs You Need To Hear

Alter Bridge's guitarist is someone every rock and metal fan should know about.

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10 Best Rappers Of All Time

Mirror mirror, on the wall, who is the greatest MC of them all?

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