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20 Terrifying Internet Urban Legends

Fancy a trip straight to

Updated 27 Feb 2015 Tom Baker

film Quentin Tarantino Promo

10 Movie Passion Projects That Will Never Get Made

All the passion in the world didn't help.

27 Feb 2015 Tom Baker

offbeat Aubrey Plaza The To Do List

14 Things All Girls In Their Early 20s Fantasise About

Sometimes they can keep you up at night.

27 Feb 2015 Sara Weir

tv Jennifer Carpenter Talks Dexter Season 8 Finale I Want Deb To Die

20 Most Important TV Deaths This Decade

They died, we wept.

Updated 27 Feb 2015 Jack Pooley

music Federal Prism

10 Actors You Didn't Know Are Also In A Band

When they're not acting, they're trying to make it in an even cooler profession.

27 Feb 2015 Brian Wilson

offbeat Gravity

10 Weird Things That Are Floating Around Space

Is it a bird? It Is a plane? No it's millions of pieces of crystallised urine...

27 Feb 2015 Chris Waugh

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10 Video Games You Can Never Admit You Haven't Played

It's actually painful to talk to people that haven't owned these.

27 Feb 2015 Scott Tailford

film Paramount Pictures

Leonard Nimoy Dies Age 83

Farewell Spock.

27 Feb 2015 Alex Leadbeater

film 20th Century Fox

10 Most Underrated Scenes In Star Wars

The best of the rest.

27 Feb 2015 Brogan Morris

film John Shearer/AP

How Did Neil Patrick Harris Predict The Oscars? - 5 Possible Solutions To His Magic Trick

It was magic... wait-for-it... al. MAGICAL!

27 Feb 2015 Alex Leadbeater

film Columbia Pictures

Will Smith: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

Big Willy style.

Updated 27 Feb 2015 Simon Gallagher


17 Annoying Mistakes You Never Noticed In Friends

Could they BE any more careless?

Updated 27 Feb 2015 WhatCulture

science NASA

20 Things You Didn't Know About NASA

Bright lights spotted on a distant planet: it might be time to brush up...

Updated 27 Feb 2015 Tom Baker

film Relativity Media

Ranking February 2015’s Movies From Worst To Best

From the decidedly un-sexy Fifty Shades of Grey to SpongeBob's outrageous shenanigans...

27 Feb 2015 Jack Pooley

offbeat Robert Downey Jr Burger King

20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Burger King

Bizarre facts about Canada's least favourite restaurant

27 Feb 2015 Ian Watson


20 Sexiest Video Game Guys Of All Time

And they say it's only the ladies that are worth swooning over.

27 Feb 2015 James Treacher


10 Emotional WWE Moments That Made Fans Cry

Moments that brought grown men to tears.

Updated 27 Feb 2015 Aaron Hyden

film Alastair Grant/AP

11 Times James Bond Said F**k You To The Fans

Those moments where 007 truly flipped off his audience...

Updated 27 Feb 2015 Jack Pooley


22 Common Misconceptions You've Always Believed (Until Now)

Not everything your parents told you is true.

Updated 27 Feb 2015 Brandon Jacobs

tv Fremantle Media/NBC

12 Hilariously Bad Attempts To Reboot Classic TV Shows

"How about we take this show and rip all that was good out of it?" "Brilliant!"

Updated 27 Feb 2015 Terry Hearn