10 Great Matches From WCW's Final Year

It wasn't all doom and gloom around Dubya-C-Dubya towards the end...

13 Mar 2015 Jamie Kennedy


12 Biggest Wastes Of Money In WWE Today

Vince McMahon needs to have a word with the WWE accountant.

13 Mar 2015 Grahame Herbert


12 WWE Guest Stars Nobody Wanted To See

And people complain about Roman Reigns being shoved down their throats...

13 Mar 2015 Ross Tweddell

Melina Perez

10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (13 March)

Melina reveals the truth about her relationship with Batista.

13 Mar 2015 Jamie Kennedy

10 Times Triple H Proved He's WWE's Biggest Babyface

The Cerebral Assassin isn't the bad guy the internet makes him out to be.

13 Mar 2015 Lewis Howse


John Cena Was Set To Turn Heel In 2011

Chris Hero reveals plans for Cena heel turn.

13 Mar 2015 Grahame Herbert


10 Wrestlers Who Could Be Inducted To WWE Hall Of Fame Next Year

The Undertaker, Bruiser Brody and The Fabulous Freebirds. On the same night. Whoa.

13 Mar 2015 Marcus K. Dowling


12 Things We Learned From Justin Gabriel On Talk Is Jericho

PJ Black airs his grievances with the company he walked away from.

13 Mar 2015 Brad Hamilton


10 Most Elaborate Mind Games WWE Superstars Ever Tried

This takes manipulation to a whole new level.

12 Mar 2015 Liam Johnson


10 WWE Superstars Who Overcame Career Threatening Injuries

Kurt Angle, not the only WWE superstar to recover from a "broken freakin' neck."

12 Mar 2015 Marcus K. Dowling

Wcw Final Issue

10 Things We Learned From WCW Magazine's Final Issue

As the curtain dropped, there were plans in place for the Atlanta promotion...

12 Mar 2015 Jamie Kennedy

Wwe 2k16 Roster Wishlist

WWE 2K16 Roster Wishlist: 85 Superstars Who Should Be Included

The best there is with the best there was...

12 Mar 2015 Ross Tweddell


50 Hottest WWE Divas Of All Time

From AJ Lee to Sable and Trish Stratus, these are the all-time hottest WWE Divas.

12 Mar 2015 Josh Wilding


8 Times Hulk Hogan Lost Clean

Hulkamania wasn't running wild, it was staring at the lights after these matches!

12 Mar 2015 Jamie Kennedy

Brock Ufc Brock Wwe

10 Biggest Unification Matches In Wrestling History

Paul Heyman let us know of the most fanciful goal for Brock Lesnar this week...

12 Mar 2015 Ross Tweddell


13 WWE Stars Who Lost The Most WrestleMania Matches

12 Mar 2015 Simon Gallagher


10 WrestleMania Main Events That Nobody Wanted To See

The biggest match of the year and the fans don't even want it.

11 Mar 2015 Mike Shannon


10 Ludicrous Pro Wrestling Quirks

There's no business like show business? Try the wrestling business on for size!

11 Mar 2015 Jamie Kennedy


10 Biggest WWE Boytoys

oh, oh Shawn!

11 Mar 2015 John Canton


10 Iconic WrestleMania Moments Nobody Will Ever Forget

WrestleMania images that are burned in our soul.

11 Mar 2015 Tom Clark