10 Awesome Moments From Mark Waid's Daredevil Run So Far

greatest superhero of all time. Now, let's get even more specific. Mark Waid's current run is almost 20 issues in, and it's already practically swept the Harvey Awards and gathered lots of other critical praise. There's really no excuse on the planet why you shouldn't be reading (even illiteracy doesn't count... it's got pictures), but I've gone ahead and given you even more reasons to get to it.

Make no mistake, Waid's reinterpretation is shaping up to be the freshest style of comic storytelling in the medium today. It's topsy-turvy, light and dark, and honestly has just made reading comics fun again. There's been boatloads of character cameos already (Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Hank Pym to name a few) and plenty of classic villains often not associated to casual DD lore. The issues are jam-packed with the best-written versions of characters that you already love, so it only makes sense that you would at least take a chance.

So, if you feel like taking a break from the darker than the Dark Knight Scott Snyder Batman run (also excellent), then you should take a peek at what the Master of Comic Mischief Mark Waid has in store for you.

Here's a few things that you've been missing out on (and, yes, SPOILERS abound, folks).


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