10 Awesome Temporary Power Upgrades Received By Comic Book Characters

6. Stevie (The Crimson Gem Of Cyttorak)

Stevie Crimson Gem Stevie is a young boy who first appeared in Avengers West Coast #64 - Show And Tell and inadvertently found the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak and gained various mystic powers as a result - but did not become the Juggernaut like the gem's regular wielder. No, Stevie was able to use the gem in unimaginable ways. The youngster was able to hack in to and interface with a secure computer in order to electronically send messages across the United States of America. He was also able to bring a small army of mannequins to life in order to attack Captain America (because he wanted to get Cap's shield). He was also able to bring wax models of various other heroes to life - and they even had diluted versions of said heroes' powers - to use for his own needs. Finally, he was able to fire an energy blast so powerful that it was able to stop the Juggernaut in his tracks and hold him at bay quite casually. For someone who appeared so briefly, he was able to show some of the more esoteric abilities of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak that we'd never seen before, while at the same time showing that the Juggernaut is just too dumb to use it to its full potential. Of course, he didn't keep it for long (although it was never actually shown how he lost possession of it).
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