10 Awful Comic Book Characters That Don’t Deserve A Movie Adaptation

From the bad, the bizarre and the downright offensive, here are the characters film studios should steer clear of.

Travis Earl


Bat Mite1
DC Comics

With the comic book movie craze in full swing Disney has begun to dig into Marvel’s back catalogue to meet audience demand. Soon, we’ll see obscure characters like Rocket Raccoon and Ant-Man on the big screen alongside icons like Iron Man and Captain America. Warner Bros doesn’t want to be left in the dust and has started its own wave of DC comic crossovers beginning with the upcoming Superman vs. Batman. The first onscreen pairing of DC’s two biggest superstars should ensure a massive box office, but Warner Bros doesn’t seem to be satisfied with just two bankable characters. Wonder Woman will make an appearance as well and Night-wing and Green Lantern are rumored to have cameos.

Disney and Warner Bros keep vacuuming up comic book characters at an alarming rate. Soon every B-list and C-list superhero and super-villain will get his or her chance to shine on the silver screen. In their quest to saturate the market with comic goodness, the two venerable studios will have to dig deeper into DC and Marvel’s back-issues and what they uncover may be terrifying.

Yet not all comic book characters are created equal. They run the gamut from the dated (see Vibe), to the stupid (see Matter-Eater Lad), to the jaw-droppingly racist (see Ebony White and Egg Fu). However, Warner Bros and Disney might let their greed overcome good taste and common sense when picking which characters are fit for mass consumption. So in the interest of common decency we have assembled a list of ten comic book characters that should never be adapted for the big screen under any circumstance. Brace yourself for the rollercoaster of terrible to follow.