10 Best Batman Costumes Of All Time

Where does he get those wonderful threads?

DC Comics/David Finch

When you're Gotham's foremost billionaire, it stands to reason that you possess a pretty hefty budget to blow on suits. That doesn't stop once you take off the tux either, even if your extra-curricular activities happen to be conducted firmly under the radar. Look in the closet, and the Batman has a wardrobe like no other superhero's.

All super-folk like to change it up once in a while (see Spidey's black suit, and Superman's jeans), but no-one else has so successfully managed to redesign his costume so often like Batman. Think there's only a finite number of ways one can rejig a grey jumpsuit with a big bat on the chest? Think again; Batman has more signature 'looks' than Beyonce.

Here we take a look at ten of the best of them, taking in everything from his comic book origins to film and television. Unfortunately, there are only so many variations on yellow emblem/yellow belt one can allow for, so his Animated Series look, while utterly iconic, doesn't make the cut. For entirely different reasons, don't go expecting to see crimes against fashion like Zur-En-Arrh (originality will only get you so far), his Injustice suits (urgh), or Christian Bale (so many plates).

No nipples either. Sorry, Schumacher.


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